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Tattoo Artist Sandra Flow

We talk with Sandra Flow of Levitation Tattoo Studio to get some insight into her career as a full time Tattoo Artist, her goals and aspirations, and more…
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Interview with Tattoo Artist Sandra Flow

Full name: Sandra Flow

Years tattooing: 12

Tattoo style: Realism, script and ornamental designs/patterns

Shop: Levitation Tattoo Studio

Hourly rate: R1000

Meet our features Tattoo Artist Sandra FlowWe talks tattoos and more with artist Sandra Flow

What first attracted you to the world of tattooing and when did you know this was the career for you?
I’ve always had an admiration for tattoos since I was a kid. My classmates used to let me draw on them with pens and markers. When I got the opportunity to learn tattooing I knew right away that it was the career for me because I grew up to be what I always wanted.

What skills did you feel were that hardest to master when first starting out?
Tattooing is a difficult skill to acquire in general but for me it was learning how to deconstruct and rebuild tattoo machines so I could get to understanding how they work.

What does the tattoo industry mean to you?
The industry has had a huge impact on my life because of the relationship I have formed with my clients and colleagues. I feel a part of something greater.

Sandra Flow tattooing a client at Levitation Tattoos

How do you like to make sure you keep progressing as an artist?
By always staying open-minded and learning from everyone I meet. As artists we’re constantly progressing.

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most and why? 
I really enjoy doing realism, script and ornamental designs/patterns because I get to have the most creative freedom with these.

How would you best sum up the experience of working out of Levitation Tattoo Studio?
I’m so excited to be working at Levitation Tattoo and with the team. It’s been sick a warm and welcoming experience. It’s a world class studio with some of the best views around town.

Meet Tattoo Artist Sandra FlowOut features tattoo artist of the week, Sandra Flow

If not tattooing, then what?
You can find me gardening, painting graffiti murals and watching true crime docs.

What does a day in your life usually consist of? 
I usually start the day off with a coffee or two and check on my plants. Then get to work on either designs or appointments for the day. When I get home I spend time with my loved ones and pets.

Where would you like to see your career take you? 
I would love to travel abroad in my career one day.

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Which local/ international artists do you aspire to? 
My favourite local artists are Paige Beckett, Lily Van Den Berg, Rasty Knayles and James Rype.
Internationally: Luce Grey, Antonia Rostra, Laura Annunaki and Anrijs Straume.
Each artist has a unique quality to their work that makes their style stand out from the rest.

For anyone wanting to book and appointment with you, what’s the next step?
To book with me send an email or DM to Levitation Tattoo Studio or myself on

Levitation Tattoo Studio
Contact: 063 164 8842
Address: 51 Highcliff Way, Northcliff, Johannesburg

Tattoos by Sandra Flow

Tattoos done by Sandra FlowTattoo work done by Sandra FlowA selection of tattoos done by Sandra Flow
Photos by Alexander Wolf Photography.

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