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Tattoo Artist Skye Hulley

With a style that leans towards Neo Traditional, we bring you Skye Hulley as our featured Tattoo Artist. Get to know her in our exclusive interview below.
Brought to you by Zappa.

Meet Skye Hulley as our featured Tattoo Artist

Full Name: Skye Holly Hulley

Shop: Rose Gold Tattoos and Be Kind Tattooing

Years tattooing: 7 years

Tattoo style: My style of tattooing leans towards the neo traditional sense of style, but I try to be as diverse as possible in all styles of tattooing. Animals and flowers are always welcomed

Hourly rate: R950 and hour

Our weekly tattoo Artist brought yo you by Zappa SambucaSkye Hulley preparing to tattoo a client

Give us the background of how you became a full time tattoo artist?
I was always drawn to a more colourful way of life and unique mindset. I think that’s what pushed me more towards art because I knew academics wasn’t for me. So from a young age I started drawing and found myself in a tattoo studio straight out of school and in a tattoo apprenticeship, I haven’t looked back since.

What first attracted you to the industry?
I was attracted to the industry purely out of the joy I had from creating art and how I saw us as human beings can be truly beautiful, and how artists out there were able to display such beauty and art on skin. Moving art, constantly displayed by a living being and I wanted to create that.

What does the world of tattooing mean to you?
That tattoo world is something that forever changes. It evolves, grows and empowers in different ways. For me personally the world of tattooing, and what it means to me, is the desire and passion we all have as artists to create. It’s a place where we as artists have the power to change a person’s life forever with just a few flicks of one’s wrist. It’s a powerful world and industry to be a part of and I think now it’s slowly getting recognised as such.

We talk tattoos and more with artist Skye HulleySkye Hulley tattooing a client at BeKind Tattoos

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most and why?
My style is close to a neo traditional style, though I would say anything fantasy related or animals and floral. I enjoy these styles the most because it speaks more to my character as a person in real life.

How do you like to make sure you keep progressing as an artist?
I always try and dive into different mediums of art. My favourite is oil painting and how a painting style and form is different to that of a tattoo design, it definitely opens the mind to new techniques that could be adapted in tattooing.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from various sources, but I think the biggest one is always the artists I am surrounded by in my work space. To see the determination, creativity and techniques they display on a daily pushes me to do the same.

Interview with tattoo artist Skye HulleyWe talk tattoos with our featured artist, Skye Hulley

Take us through a day in your life?
A day in my life is very simple, I get up, go to my happy little work space. Create some beautiful art then go home to my lovely baby cats and be the nerd I am, and either watch some anime or some series.

Given the opportunity to guest work and any shop, which would it be and why?
So I took a year of my career and purely used it to guest spot to various studios. It was one of the best experience of my life. I would definitely like to guest at a studio overseas but that’s a future plan, as for right now I would say an SA studio would be True Love as they have some amazingly talented artist that I would love to work with and learn from to improve myself and my career as an artist.

Where do you see your tattoo career taking you?
I hope one day my career would take me overseas. I would love to be recognised as a good artist then be able to pursue my dream of traveling different countries while tattooing.

Meet our featured tattoo artist of the week, Skye HulleyIntroducing our featured tattoo artist, Skye Hulley

For anyone wanting to book an appointment with you, what’s the next step?
So it’s very simple to book with me, I’m on Instagram, you can follow me at @skyeholly_h and just pop me a direct message or you can contact the Rose Gold Tattoo studio or Be Kind Tattooing and book through them.

Rose Gold Tattoos
Address:  Nelson Mandela Avenue Randhart , Johannesburg
Facebook Instagram 

Be Kind Tattooing
Contact: 072 193 2651 /
Address:  7 Susman Avenue, Blairgowrie, Johannesburg
Facebook Instagram | Website

Tattoos by Skye Hulley

A selection of tattoos done by Skye HulleyTattoos done by Skye Hulley
Photos by Alexander Wolf Photography.

…Photo Gallery…

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