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Thursday , 5 December 2019
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Home » Uncategorized » The Shred unveils its Indoor Skate Bowl

The Shred unveils its Indoor Skate Bowl

Vans South Africa partnered up with The Shred Indoor Skatepark, Cape Town to make their high performance public skate bowl a reality. The custom-made precision concrete skate bowl is a one-of-a-kind on the continent. The bowl was built by CA Skateparks Africa, a local park design and construction crew with years of experience in creating top quality skateparks around the world.

The Shred unveils its indoor skate bowl

Over the weekend, the Skate Open Day allowed skateboarders of all ages and abilities to come and check out the bowl, and ride it for the first time. A series of jam sessions were held throughout the day, encouraging maximum participation from the skate community. Vans also flew in their skate ambassadors from around the country to be a part of the special day, ensuring that the ‘best of the best’ local bowl riders were there to experience the bowl first hand. ‘Best trick’ challenges set in various parts of the bowl drove the skateboarders to their limits. Red Bull provided cash prizes to those who performed the best tricks in each jam, as incentive for skateboarders to push themselves and put on a good show for everybody in attendance.

Skateboarding action at The Shred Skatepark's new bowl

Globally, the Vans Park Series attracts hundreds of skaters/ riders from across the world to compete in ranked events. There has been an interest in Africa joining the tour, but up until now no adequate facilities have existed on the continent. Vans South Africa has invested in this new facility to give local skateboarders a platform to develop their skills and hopefully represent the continent on the world stage, in the near future.

Cape Town locals skating the Shred's new skate bowl

With a long-term commitment to developing the skate scene and by backing it up with considerable investment in a facility such as this, Vans is leading the way in supporting the growth of skateboarding in South Africa. The new bowl is open to the public on a daily basis, during standard operating hours at The Shred Indoor Skatepark.

Skateboarding action at The Shred Indoor Skatepark

Photos by Clint van der Schyf.

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