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LW Babe of the Week Trisha

Babes with tattoos, seductive come to bed eyes, dressed in lingerie and posing on a bed! Well what can we say…except for wow and we think we’re in love! Meet our cute and sexy LW Babe of the Week, Trisha who is featured here doing all of the above! We chatted to Trisha about her tattoos, her photoshoot, her turn-ons and more:

LW Babes Tattoos
Full Name: Trisha Louw

Nickname: Short Shit

Age: 23

Hometown: Pretoria

Day job: Administrating

Party Trick: I usually end up on the bathroom floor for some reason

Claim to Fame: I’m one of the youngest people ever to get their hip replaced! That’s right….Robochick does exist.

LW Babes Tattoos
We have to admit. You have those seductive come to bed eyes. Have they ever got you into trouble?
Many times..They Usually attract the wrong people at the worst times possible

Have you ever used them to get yourself out of trouble?
Haha! Yes..Me and my stepbrother were on our way to a jol and were caught speeding so I had to work the eyes on the traffic police…ended up with the dudes number and a bodyguard for the night.

Tell us about your tattoos? Which one hurt the most?
My Tattoos are a really huge part of my life, I love every single one I have. It’s just a really cool way of expressing who I am and what I’m into. I’d have to say the Swallows on my ribs hurt the most. I was pulling some scary faces through the whole session that day.

LW Babes Tattoos
Are you keen to get more tattoo work done? If so were and what?
Most Definitely! I’m actually getting a thigh-piece done in like a week, It’s an owl holding a banner that says “As Beautiful As Deadly” but I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

What was the best part about your lingerie, bedroom shoot and did it make you feel sexy?
I think I speak for every girl when I say, we really love feeling sexy. The best part of the photoshoot was being able to be myself. Shane Mc Mahon is an amazing photographer and made me feel comfortable and really helped me to get my sexy on.

What do you normally wear to bed?
Usually I go for the big T-shirt and hot pants thing. Its Comfy.

What’s under your bed?
Monster Energy cans! Yes we horde them…Proud Fans.

LW Babes Tattoos
What’s your take on role-playing in the bedroom?
I’m not really into that, I’m weird enough as it is.

What is your ultimate turn on?
A Hot guy on a motorcycle, YES PLEASE!

When it comes to bedroom fun – would you say you’re more on the wild side or the more traditional type?
More on the wild side but it depends on the mood I’m in. I can be pretty romantic sometimes.

LW Babes Tattoos
Finish these sentences:
“My favourite piece of lingerie is…”

“Sex toys are…”

“Tattoos make for better…”
everything. Tattooed people are way more fun to see naked!

“My… are the sexiest part of my body”

“…are the sexiest body parts on a guy”
Muscled arms and shoulders

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