Select the Skill Categories that suit your riding style, head out to your favourite riding spot and get your video footage – both Smartphone footage and professionally shot footage will be accepted, and will not affect the judging outcome. It’s the riding, attempts and fun times we’re looking for.

Skill Categories:

  • Wheelie (We want to see that back wheel action)
  • Stoppie / Nose Wheelie (We want to see that front wheel action)
  • Technical Line (For the Enduro riders – show us your technical feats)
  • Cornering (Bar drag, roost, speed, style, creativity etc.)
  • Jump (Any jump, big or small, send us your airtime)
  • Whip (Turn up, turn down, old school or new school – we love us some whips)
  • Trick (For the Freestyle/Freeride riders – any trick in the book counts)
  • Speed (We’re looking for that raw, flat-out speed)

From our list of Skill Categories, you have the option to choose which best suits your riding style and submit your Raw Video Footage to enter. Each entry must include either – three of the Skill Categories – or three versions of one Skill Category – or two of one Skill Category, and one of another.

For example:

  • Entry option 1: Video footage of a Wheelie, Trick and Jump (three Skill Categories).
  • Entry option 2: Video footage of three different Wheelies (one Skill Category – three times).
  • Entry option 3: Video footage of two different Wheelies and footage of one Technical Line (two of one Skill Category, and one of another).

To enter your video submission please send the raw footage, in landscape format, to via WeTransfer.
Include your full name and contact details, and if you are entering the Pro or Amateur category, or the Epic Fails.

How to Enter

  • Open to South African Citizens of all ages only.
  • Entries are open from 1 September to 30 November 2021.
  • Video submissions sent to via WeTransfer will be accepted only.
  • Entrants can enter as many times as they want.
  • Any footage submitted as an entry to the Monster Energy Triple Threat competition and is subsequently uploaded to the rider’s social media platforms must tag @LW_Mag and @MonsterEnergy as well as use the #MonsterEnergyTripleThreat hashtag.
  • Entrants agree and accept that he or she will be riding and/or filming content at his or her own risk and that Locally Whipped Productions (LW Mag), any subsidiaries, directors, employees, shareholders, agents or official Monster Energy Triple Threat partners shall not be held liable for any claim of any nature whatsoever.

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