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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Home » babes » THE LW 2011 CALENDAR IS HERE!


It’s finally here guys! It’s been a couple of weeks in the making and we have to say the ladies have outdone themselves! The 2011 Calendar is so hot it’s incendiary! Well, we think so at least but we’re pretty sure you’ll agree too.

All the folks who’ll be aboard the Miller Rock the Boat this weekend will each get a copy of our 2011 Calendar. No need to thank us, just be sure to buy the LW crew drinks! We kid, we kid. Sort of.

If you’re a subscriber then these bad boys have been stamped and are on their way to your post box as you read this. If you are a subscriber but haven’t filled in your postal details, be sure to check your email for the link we sent you a couple of weeks back. And finally, if you aren’t a subscriber but like what you’ve seen so far then all you need to do is subscribe to LW Mag. To do so is FREE and we will post you the calendar for free as well. What more could you ask for?!

Season’s Greetings from LW peeps!

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