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Tempting Tarryn Trollip

There’s nothing more tempting than a gorgeous South African babe who’s body would make any guy drool at first eye contact. The cherry on top? A personality that matches. Introducing our LW Babe of the Week Tarryn Trollip. Get to know more about this Durban belter in our interview below.

Introducing Tarryn Trollip as our LW Babe of the Week
Full name: Tarryn Angela Trollip

Nickname: Taz

Age: 20

Hometown: Durban

Day job: Full time Student and part time waitress at the George.

Phobias: Frogs and the dark. Don’t even bring up frogs in the dark!

Special Talents: Dancing and drawing

Tarryn Trollip shows why she is one of the sexiest South African Babes
Lets kick things off by telling us a bit about yourself?
Hmm… well I’m a confident and outgoing person, and I love to meet new people. I do things that are very spontaneous, that are often rather crazy, with much laughter. For fun I enjoy movie days or nights with tons of sweeties to satisfy my sweet tooth [laughs], or I go out and shake what my mama gave me with my girlfriends. I’m a very artsy person and am now studying Graphic Design. I loathe people who can’t drive (use your indicator!) and tea makes me happy. I also enjoy burying my head in a good book.

Where did your shoot with Lyle Simes take place and what are your thoughts on the outcome?
My latest shoot with Lyle was at an abandoned building in the Westville area. The building held places for interesting and beautifully lit areas that we could play with. I loved the outcome of the shoot. I learnt so much and enjoyed working with Lyle as we met our aims with regarding the photos. They came out beautifully, Lyle is so talented!

What would your ultimate shoot consist of and where the location be?
Sports Illustrated swimwear and lingerie is on my list of goals to achieve. I love the tropical beaches and stunning locations they use and it will also be great way to travel and see places out of Durban.

Tarryn Trollip shows why she is one of the sexiest South African girls
What have been some of your highlights of 2014 and have you thought of any resolutions for 2015 yet?
I’ve had many fun times that stand out in my memory that could be regarded as highlights. Fantastic family holidays to Bazaruto Island and the Drakensberg. I’m happy with the progress in my graphic design portfolio and my modelling portfolio, including the front cover of Mango Airways Magazine.
For 2015, I plan more of the same, but specifically to finish my degree.

With the holiday season around the corner and the masses coming to your neck of the woods, what are you looking forward to and what are you not looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to the festivities out and around the town, the big partying events and the new and interesting people. I am not looking forward to the traffic, and those short lumo beach shorts? come on boys! [Laughs]

Based in Umhlanga, do you take advantage of the Matric holiday parties and join in on the craziness? Or what’s your take?
I don’t join in with the Matric holiday parties, or Rage as it can be called. I’ll be taking to my own spots around the town and whatever comes my way.

Tarryn Trollip shows why she is one of the sexiest SA Babes
What did you get up to for your Matric holiday?
Sho seems like quite a while ago that [laughs]. I had a lovely Matric holiday with all my girlfriends, catching some sun, sipping on cocktails, meeting the hotties and dancing to our hearts content. We went to the beaches, clubs and played many hilarious drinking games. We were based in Salt Rock.

What are your favourite apps on your phone and why?
I’ve just acquired an iPhone and am still exploring. I have never been one for apps so I just use the necessities.

If you could choose any era to grow up in, which would it be and why?
Hmm… probably this one! I love the trends and the music currently. I don’t see myself dancing in the 70’s in bright tie-died bell-bottoms. I think I’d be more suited to the present day and future ways of living rather than the past.

Tarryn Trollip shows why she is one of the sexiest SA girls
Which part of your body is your favourite and which gets the most attention from the opposite sex?
My favourite part of my body is probably my green eyes. The part that gets the most attention from the opposite sex would be.. um.. my breasts… [laughs].

When it comes to the opposite sex, what makes you go weak at the knees?
A sexy dark stubble on a dark featured man.

What’s your tell tale sign when you’re into someone?
I guess my body language.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I see myself having attained my degree, having travelled with my friends. Perhaps settling down in a nice apartment near the beach, modelling and utilizing my graphic design talents.

Meet Tarryn in our LW Babe of the Week feature

5 Question Quickie:

Sex on the Beach or Long Island Iced Tea?
Neither, I’m more of a vodka and Red Bull girl but if I have a Long island Iced Tea, people of the world, be warned [laughs]!

Late nights or Early mornings?
Late nights, at the moment I’ve become nocturnal, I often work at night or party at night.

Cheese burger or Pizza?
Pizza definitely! One where all you can see is bacon.

Clean cut or Rough around the edges?
A sexy rugged, rough around the edges man is more my taste.

2 wheels or 4 wheels?
Definitely 4.There is something not trusting about leaning closer to the road on turns.

Photos by Lyle Simes Photography

Photo Gallery:

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