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Tattoo Artist of the Week Bryan Du Rand

Fallen Heroes are known for their quality tattoo artists as well as the various styles of tattoos they each bring to the table. One of our favourite, and who’s realism work is mind-blowing, is Bryan Du Rand. Featured as our Tattoo Artist of the Week:

Bryan Du Rand of Fallen Heroes is our featured Tattoo Artist of the Week

Full name: Bryan Du Rand

Age: 27

Hometown: Fourways, Joburg

Shop: Fallen heroes

Years tattooing: 7

Tattoo style: Realism and Japanese

Hourly rate: R1000

We interview tattoo artist Bryan Du Rand

Give us the rundown of how you got into tattooing and what attracted you to the profession?
When I got my first tattoo I thought it looked pretty easy (I was wrong), I bought a cheap Chinese tattoo kit and started scratching.

Have you always had a creative eye or did it develop over time with the desire to be creative?
Both, I’ve always been creative it’s just more refined now.

How long did you apprenticeship for and under which artist?
I get asked this question a lot and am never sure how to answer it. I am self-taught.

A tattoo masterpiece done by Bryan Du Rand

What was one of the most valuable lessons you learnt when starting to tattoo?
I don’t think I learnt much. I was a kid with no ambition. I didn’t think this would turn into a career.

How much has the industry changed since you started out to now?
I’m not sure if it has changed or I just see it differently. Tattoo equipment got a little cooler, and I got booked 6 months in advance.

What was the first tattoo you ever did and how did it turn out?
An Anarchy sign and my friend’s ass. It looks awful and incomplete to this day.

Tattoo Artist Bryan Du Rand at work at Fallen Heroes

What style of tattooing do you enjoy doing the most?
Realism and Japanese. I enjoy it mostly because I am good at it. I recently traveled to japan and that helped spark a passion and understanding of Japanese style tattoos.

What style do you prefer to stay away from?
Geometric, because it’s difficult.

Explain one of your best pieces and why it stands out for you?
I don’t have a favourite, a tattoo usually stands out to me If I like the person wearing it.

What do you do to make sure you keep progressing as an artists?
I try not repeat my mistakes.

An example of Bryan Du Rand's tattoo work

What does a day in the life of Bryan consist of?
Crawl out of bed, eat, start tattooing, eat ,tattoo, eat, finish tattooing, eat, Cheerleading practice, eat, sleep.

Working for Fallen Heroes, what is the vibe like in the shop and between you and your colleagues?
Its always been great. We are all good friends (I think) and we have healthy competition.

Where would you like to see your tattooing career take you?
More success and more travel. What ever that entails.

Freehand line drawing for a customer's tattoo design

If you would like to make a booking with Bryan, get hold of Fallen Heroes on 011 028 0994 or email them on
Address: 53, 6th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg
For more info visit the Fallen Heroes Facebook Page and Website.

Tattoos by Bryan

A selection of tattoo done by Bryan Du Rand
Tattoos done by Bryan du Rand
Tattoos by Bryan Du Rand
Tattoo work done by Bryan Du Rand

Photo Gallery:

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