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Friday , 17 September 2021
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Tattoo Artist Adrianne Black

Introducing Adrianne Black as our featured Tattoo Artist. Currenty working out of Beneath The Surface, we get to know a bit more about her career and style of work.
Brought to you by Zappa.

Meet Adrianne Black as our featured tattoo artist

Full name: Adrianne Black (@adiebee_tattoo)

Shop: Beneath The Surface

Years tattooing: 4

Tattoo style: Watercolour, Fine-line, Neo-Traditional

Hourly rate: R1200

Introducing Adrianne Black as our featured tattoo artist We talk tattoos and the industry with Adrianne Black

Give us some insight into your journey of becoming a tattoo artist?
I can say that I was really lucky at the time as I had a brother (Cole Moebius) who was already an artist, so that was really my doorway into the industry. I started out as a shop assistant/ receptionist at Jaded ink and was then offered an apprenticeship under one of their other artists. Even through I was not mentored by my brother I feel like I’ve learnt more from him over the years then I have anyone else and have him to thank for where I am today.

What first attracted you to tattoos and the industry?
Ever since I was a child I’ve always had a huge fascination with tattoos, I remember my grandfather coming home with a new tattoo of an old school black panther on his arm and I really thought that this was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen and wanted a tattoo since then. I was also obsessed with the tattoo reality shows that were on TV and just knew that I wanted to become one of them, even though it’s really nothing like what you see on TV.

How do you feel the industry has changed over recent years?
I feel like tattoos are definitely becoming more acceptable these days, people are getting more daring with tattoos where they don’t feel like they need to hide them. To a lot of people, getting tattooed, helps with the healing of a loss they’re experienced and also helps with closure of certain situations. You will always get those people that don’t fully understand tattoos and don’t agree with them, it’s best to let everyone have their own opinion.

Adrianne Black is our featured Tattoo Artist

Which local/ international artists played a part in paving the way of your career? 
There have been some amazing local artists that have inspired me the most during my career, namely Cole Moebius , Sarah Jardim, Ze Simoes, Joey Sasso, Bea Lea, Ruan Coetzee and Armand Groesbeek. I have had the opportunity to have worked with most of them and feel honoured to have done so. The international talent is endless, there’s too many to name. One of my favourites at the moment is Russell Van Schaick, I just love the way he uses watercolours in his tattoos.

What does a day in your life usually consist of?
My life mainly revolves around my two year old daughter, she’s the best part of me. If I’m not working I’m taking care of her.

How would you best sum up working out of Beneath The Surface?
Being a part of Beneath the Surface has been quite the experience. I’ve learnt and seen things I was told could not be done. We’re a family and we’re always there for each other.

Adrianne Black tattooing a client at Beneath The SurfaceOur tattoo artist featured brought to you by Zappa Sambuca

What style of tattoo do you enjoy creating the most, and why?
There’s a few styles I love at the moment. I’ve always been drawn to watercolour tattoos because it can add uniqueness to a tattoo in a fun, playful way by the use of colours. I also really enjoy anything floral, especially with the whip shading technique. I love how you can create different textures and tones.

What advice would you give someone that’s thinking about getting their first tattoo?
Make sure you’ve done your research on the artist that you would like to get tattooed by, check to see that they’re good at doing the style your looking for. Don’t choose an artist because it’s the cheapest you can find and please listen to your artist when it comes to healing your tattoo, not your friends.

How do you like to make sure you keep progressing as an artist?
I like to try different styles of tattooing, I don’t want to become too comfortable in one particular style. I’ll advertise tattoo designs trying new techniques to keep growing as an artist. Watching other artist work also helps and inspires me.

Interview with Tattoo Artist Adrianne Black

Where do you see your career taking you in the next five years? 
Honestly, with the way the world is right now, I have no idea. Ideally I would like to travel a bit and get more tattoos

For anyone wanting to book and appointment with you, what’s the next step? 
You can DM me on Instagram @adiebee_tattoo, or email the studio

Beneath The Surface
Contact: 011 465 8535
Address: 4, Merrow Down Plaza, Fourways
Facebook Page | Website

Tattoos by Adrianne Black

A selection of tattoos done by Adrianne BlackTattoos done by Adrianne BlackTattoo work done by Adrianne Black
Photos by Alexander Wolf Photography.

Photo Gallery:

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