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Thursday , 21 November 2019
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Scooter 101 Championships – Round 1

Round 1 of the JONWAY 2012 Scooter 101 Championship series started early Sunday morning of the 26th of February. Getting to the track while the sun was rising was very new for 101 as our races normally happen in the dark. Being nocturnal it felt a bit weird but exciting.

Zwartkops kart track was newly tarred and it looked amazing but we knew that new tar isn’t always the best as it could rip your new soft compound tyres to shreds.

All the riders arrived to the track early and started settling into their selected pit area. The sponsors put up their banners and portable shades and the track and pit started to come alive 101 style. Once the DJ arrived we felt at home and we were ready to race.

This year has been split into two classes; Stock class and Open class. Stock class is any stock scooter (150cc 2-stroke & 300cc 4-stroke Max) with a stock pipe, not gutted, and stock carburettor. Then open class is all open, as long as the engine belongs to the chassis.

Throughout the day the riders would do a warm-up session, qualifying, heat1, 2 & 3.

Some riders who would ride both open and stock had a really long day ahead of them.

Rockstar Energy Drink was there in style with some sexy pit girls and free drinks for the riders to keep them going through the day. With them and the help of DO IT NOW magazine’s awesome DJ keeping the guys in a really good mood and adding that 101 atmosphere the guys were ready to race. After all the warm-up and qualifying we could pretty much see the top runners in both classes, but this didn’t mean the guys in mid-pack and the back weren’t having a race! Sometime those guys were having more of a duel than the front runners that were racing themselves and trying to keep the pace on.

We had an amazing Stock race where Gavin Mazabane & Daniel Basch were elbow-to-elbow the entire race and were pushing each other to the max. Daniel reached his breaking point and fell in heat 3 but both guys had their fair share of victory over each other. They finished 8 & 9th at the end of the day.

The winners of the Stock class did it in style. Louw Du Toit had it in the bag from the beginning where he took 1st overall, but the real battle was for 2nd place with Clinton Achadinha & Shannon Anderson battling it out and really giving the crowd a GREAT show! Every corner they passed each other, one out breaking the other. On the 2nd last lap of heat 3 unfortunately Shannon fell and let Clinton take 2nd. This gave Louw 1st overall Clinton 2nd and Shannon 3rd overall.

The Show class that got the crowds swarming to the grand stands and fencing was definitely the Open class. With 34 riders taking up the grid and every single rider on a beast scooter that each of them probably spent their entire 2011 pocket money on or sold a few kidneys to get modded. We had the first water-cooled PGO by Jeremy Pincus and some crazy Nitro mods by MOC racing.

The heat and qualifying rounds went past in a flash but heat 1 made up for it. The top runners were definitely Dean, Jeremy, Shannon, Clinton and the new rider from MiniMoto Eric. The small Eric Flowerday proved to be one of the toughest competitors – he smoked his competition – in  heat 2 & 3 the top 5 were neck & neck. We had some falls because of tyres’ pressures changing due to the scorching track temperatures but the battle finally ended on a super high when Eric Flowerday (because of a fall) dropped to 3rd position overall for the day, Dean Wheeler got 2nd overall and the old bullet still has it; Jeremy Pincus took the overall win.

The Scooter 101 team is so proud of everyone and happy we all had an amazing day. Don’t miss the next one at The Rock Raceway on the 17th of March 2012.

You can find the full 2012 calendar and more info at If not get hold of me on twitter @Brannigan101 or on Facebook – Brannigan Achadinha

Thank you to: Jonway, Rockstar Energy Drink, Do It Now Mag, DCShoes SA, Malossi, Novik gloves, Bandit Signs, LW Mag

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