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LW Babe of the Week Vianda

The cute, sexy and fun Vianda is our LW Babe of the Week. A South African babe that hails from Cape Town, likes to have fun, joke around and get the party started. A self admitted flirt which is an A+ in our books.

The sexy SA Babe Vianda is our LW Babe of the Week
Full name: Vianda van Deventer
Nickname: “V”
Age: 21
Hometown: Durbanville, Cape Town
Day Job: Model, being awesome, promotional work for cell C
Party trick: Flirting, and giving away tequila shots
Phobia: Scared of spiders
Hidden talent: I can sing in the shower
Claim to fame: The day I won Miss Western Cape 2013

Our LW Babe Vianda showing my South African babes are the sexiest
How would you explain yourself to someone that had never met you?
I am the most interesting person you will ever meet, I am crazy, spontaneous and a whole lot of fun in one sentence. I love laughing, and having fun. I am down to earth and love meeting people. I will get the party started.

How would you bring life to a party that is just not happening and get the part started?
Firstly get hold my best friend, fetch my CD I got from Monaco when I was there in August and turn that music up. I will get everybody shots from the bar get them something to drink. I love laughing and having a good time, I will start talking to people and start dancing. When I walk into a room people usually pay attention because I start talking when it is to quit and then I start to smile then everybody does. I make jokes and start laughing. People say I am crazy because I will just get up and start dancing and start laughing at myself.

What’s your idea of a good time?
Spending time with my best friends at the beach, having fun, making jokes and laughing.

SA Babes are just too damn hot
Tell us about your shoot with Optical Noise Photography and what was your favourite part about it?
My shoot with Optical Noise was very fun. I laugh a lot and Robert usually thinks I am crazy. I make  jokes and pull funny faces all the time. My favourite part is when he says be serious, and don’t smile, or get into the freezing water. I love meeting new people and feeling beautiful, and seeing my awesome pictures.

How did you get into modelling and what goals do you have for your modelling career?
My mom [laughs] I was 3years old and she wanted me to start with pageants and then photoshoots and I started to love it. My goals are to get into LW Mag (now achieved) as well as FHM and Sports Illustrated. I want to make a difference in the world.

What the best thing about living in Cape Town and being a Cape Town girl?
The sea, I love it, I love the sunsets, the beach and of course table mountain. It is beautiful up there. Meeting happy people, everybody is friendly and I meet awesome people on the beach. Being a Cape Town girl to me is to just be myself and people around you respect that.

The sexy South African babe vianda posing on the beach

“A guy that has a pretty smile, who looks after himself and has that bad boy look and attitude”

What does a day in the life of Vianda entail?
[Laughs] Well getting up is hard for me, I love sleeping. I put my radio on, listen to my favourite song, Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop, then go to the gym for a little while. Then get ready for a shoot. After the shoot or every day I spend time with my family, they are very important to me, then I take a long walk with my dog. I finish off the day with a long shower and doing some scrapbooking. Or visiting a friend is always relaxing before going home to sleep.

They say Afrikaans girls know how to look after their men. Why do you think that is and what is the difference between Afrikaans girls and English girls?
It’s not about the language we speak or the colour of our skin, it’s about how we were raised and the example we looked up to be when we were growing up.

What type of guy grabs you attention and why?
A guy that has a pretty smile, who looks after himself and has that bad boy look and attitude, and he has to have green or brown eyes. He has to have that sparkle in his eyes, usually bad boys have, he can have a tattoo or 2, just not in the face, but on the body, yes please, or on his ribs.

SA Babe Vianda posing on a Cape Town beach
What type of music makes you want to go out and paint the town red?
I love trance music and also Miley Cyrus type of music. Something to dance to, and a bit of DubStep is also good.

What has been the scariest thing you have ever done? Will you do it again?
The scariest thing I have ever done is spray painted a haunted house that was supposed to be demolished the next day. And no I will never do it again, it was very scary and my brother came to scare us as well.

Our LW Babe of the Week, Vianda

Finish these sentences:

“If I had to compare myself to a celebrity, I would compare myself to…”
Demi Lovato, she is very sweet and nice and cares a lot for people around her, but she can get naughty and sexy if she needs to, and she does a very good job at it. She has her moral values and doesn’t go beyond that.

“The sexiest part of my body is…”
my eyes and my smile. I use them very well, and I love to flirt. I have very naughty eyes and guys love it.

“You’ll know I’m flirting when…”
I smile a lot, and look very deeply into your eyes. They say my eyes start to glow green when I start to flirt and I will tell you that you are cute or sexy.

“…makes me blush uncontrollably”
When someone is trying to flirt with me or ask for my number.

My ultimate turn on is…”
when a hot guy comes over, talks to me, having that a bad boy look with a very sexy smile and starts to whisper in my ear.

Photos by by Robert Harris / Optical Noise Photography

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