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LW Babe of the Week Rikki

One of the coolest and hottest babes we have had the pleasure of featuring in that pages of LW Mag and in our 2011 LW Mag Calendar is the gorgeous Rikki Brest. We now proudly bring you Rikki as our LW Babe of the Week!
A talented musician (in the bands Chix with Stix and Splinter Town), a radio show presenter, a TV show presenter, a Clifton Shores star, an actress, all this amongst everything else Rikki strives for and is successful at. Yes, this is one belter that knows what she wants out of life and works hard to get it.
Besides being the workaholic she is Rikki is down to earth, hot as hell and has just learnt how to drift cars – her sex appeal just went up a few notches in our book! See what else Rikki had to say in our interview with her:

LW Babes
Full Name: Rikki Talia Brest

Nickname: Rix, Brest, Boobs, Stix

Age: 27

Hometown: JHB

Machine of choice: Fast cars

Party trick: I can do an awesome table drum roll before the host walks into the room. (useless I know)

LW Babes
It has been a while since you’ve graced LW Mag with your presence, the last time being a calendar girl in our 2011 LW Mag Calendar and we must admit that you are looking better than ever. How have you been and what has been going on in the life of Rikki Brest?
It has been too long! Thank you very much. I have been working my ass off in the last few years. I have a million things on the go at any given time, because I’m a slight workaholic and I like pushing myself to see how much I can actually do. Its included 2 bands: Chix with Stix and Splinter Town, hosting my own radio show, presenting Top Gear live Festival in 2012, filming the Clifton Shores TV Series, appearing on Isidingo TV series…..and more.

We know you are a busy girl. What are you working on at the moment and what is a day in the life of Rikki like?
Some days are 19 hours of work…actually most days are….7 days a week, so the life of Rikki is insane. At the moment I am presenting a TV show called Petrolheads on Ignition TV DSTV Channel 189, I am about to launch my DJ career, working hard with my band Splinter Town, and teaching drums at a school and at my own studio, amongst a few other things.

What was your take on Clifton Shores once it hit TV screens around the world?
I was really impressed with the production of the show, it made CT look amazing. It’s difficult to watch because I know what happened on a day to day basis and sometimes the edit shocked me slightly, but there were time restraints on the episodes. I must be honest, I was a bit frustrated that none of the actual work that went into organizing the events was shown, because I wanted to actually show that I am capable of hard work and I have a Marketing degree, as opposed to us girls laying by the pool in bikinis living an easy life. But then again, people would find work boring I guess. I was proud for the world to see the beauty of our country though.

LW Babes
What was the experience of Clifton Shores like?
It was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I felt incredibly alone and wasn’t sure who to trust or who to confide in because people were backstabbing each other around every corner, which is not who I am. Staying in a beautiful house, going to amazing events, and “living the life” was awesome though. However, I’m not a girly girl, so I sometimes found it difficult to deal with the long hours waiting for everyone to get ready. Having said that, at every moment I could, I went for drives and walks to viewpoints and truly loved living in such an amazing city. Overall I am grateful for it, I grew as a person and learned a lot about myself.

You are also a part of the well know Chix with Stix band. Anything exciting in the pipeline with the band?
Chix with Stix have been going for 9 years now. We do have some news we will be releasing by the end of the month which I can’t reveal yet, but all I can say it’s been an incredible 9 years.

Tell us about your TV and Radio shows that you currently present?
I have a radio show on RockFM, but will be moving to a new station soon, I will reveal which one soon as contracts are signed. TV shows, I am presenting Petrolheads, and a lot of MCing at events.

Which would you say is more nerve racking and which do you enjoy more?
I would say radio is more nerve racking, because its live so you can’t make a mistake and if you swear on air, you are in trouble. TV presenting is great because you read off an auto cue. I definitely enjoy TV and live presenting more.

LW Babes
When you have time off from you busy schedule what do you like to do to wind down?
I don’t get much time off, but I have started learning how to drift, so I would like to spend more time on the track (looking for sponsors though *flutter eyelashes* haha) but I often go to the motorsport events. I also try go to gym, but I am a bit lazy with that. Otherwise I love going to the park by my house and just sitting by the trees thinking about life.

What plans and goals do you have for 2013?
A big goal is to do more charity work, get involved and try do some good in the world, I think we need that. Career wise I would love to do more presenting and MCing, and take my music career to the next level – you will have to wait to see what’s coming!

LW Babes
Complete these sentences:
“The best time for intimate time is when…”
you are in love with your partner.

“The sexiest part of a guys body…”
eyes, lips, and the way his mouth moves when he talks. (weird I know)

“I like it when a guy kisses me…”
like it’s the last time he will ever kiss me again.

“My biggest turn-ons are…”
ambition, compassion, and an honest sense of humour.

“I look for… a guy”

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