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Tuesday , 22 October 2019
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LW Babe of the Week Nadine

One of the hottest babes to grace the pages of our annual calendar is Miss January 2012, Nadine Wilken. We now bring you this belter again, featured as our LW Babe of the Week. Nadine is the kind of girl we like, smoking hot, straight to the point, intelligent, likes to have a good time and has naughty side.
Now, who has a yacht with a lift in it to borrow us?

LW Babes
Full Name: Nadine Wilken
Nickname: Nasty
Age: 23
Hometown: Pietermaritzburg
Machine of Choice: Hair Dryer
Music of Choice: Deep house
Drink of Choice: Strawberry lips on the rocks.

LW Babes
You featured as Miss January in our 2012 LW Mag Calendar. What was the experience like and what was your favourite part about featuring in our calendar?
Favourite part was shooting and the launch party. It was a lot of fun, got to meet all the “cool guys” from LW Mag and Monster Energy. Was good exposure! Loved the fact that MY ass was on all of YOUR walls for 31 days!

Tell us what has been going on in the life of Nadine since then?
Work, work, not enough play! And I GOT INK!

We know you like to party, have a good time and that you have a bit of a naught side. What would your ultimate weekend include?
Big yacht! Big lake! Great company! Sick music! Whose got a yacht?

You are originally from Pietermaritzburg. Why did you move up to JHB and what are the pro’s and con’s of living in JHB?
I moved from my mom to my dad while I was still in school. JHB is where the money is!! N1 traffic effing sucks!

LW Babes
You recently got some tattoo work done on you forearms. Tell us about the tattoos, what they mean, how painful was it, where did you get them done, etc?
I got it done at SA Hardcore Tattoo’s in Parkhurst. It was so effing sore! My best friend and I did a 40 day fast last year, it had such a great impact on our lives, so we decided to get a tattoo relating to our fast.

Are you planning on getting anymore tattoo work done? If so, what and where?
Yes indeed, ink is addictive even for the screamers! Sorry not giving my ideas away, you’ll have to wait and see.

What type of guy interests you?
A bitch hot hair dresser!

What one thing is an instant turn on for you?
Kisses on my neck.

LW Babes
What is the sexiest thing a girl can wear for her man? 
Very sexy black lace lingerie.

How far have you or would you be prepared to explore when it comes to bedroom playtime?
Oh wouldn’t you love to know.

How far have you or would you go with another girl?
I kissed a girl! Didn’t like it!

What the most riskiest place you have done the dead?
An elevator.

Did you get caught?

LW Babes
Do you think girls are just as dirty if not more than guys when it comes to conversations between close friends?
I would go with “just as dirty”.

Tell us something that not many people know about Nadine?
Wait for my book…

Follow Nadine on Twitter.

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