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LW Babe of the Week Inge

One of our favourite  and one of the hottest blonde babes to ever grace the pages of LW Mag is Inge Nefdt. We first met Inge in 2009 while shooting for our 2010 LW Mag Calendar, she impressed us so much and fitted our profile perfectly that we made her the cover girl of the 2010 Calendar. We’ve had the privilege of shooting with Inge a few times as well as partying with her and we have to admit that she rocks our world!

This hot as hell blonde belter hails from Port Elizabeth, is a business woman, a self admitted family girl and loves to have a good time. We felt it way overdue so we hooked up some sexy photos and interviewed the gorgeous Inge for this week’s LW Babe of the Week feature.

LW Babes
Full Name: Inge

Nickname: Ingie Pingie

Age: 28

Day job: Owner of Nefdt Group (PTY) Ltd, Sole Distributor for Rock Off Merchandise to the Southern Hemisphere

Hometown: Port Elizabeth

Party Trick: Seem to be the last one standing  

Sexy outfit of choice: Why? Are you buying…hehehe

LW Babes
It’s good to have you back gracing the pages of LW Mag and you are looking better than ever. How have you been and what been going on in the life of Inge Nefdt?
Well I’ve just started my own business where we own the sole distribution rights to Rock Off merchandise which is one of the largest manufacturers for merchandise and memorabilia for music artists such as Kings of Leon, Deadmau5, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, One Direction etc . I am also developing my own range and have a few other brands coming on board.

You are living in PE now. What’s the vibe like there and what are the Pros and Cons?
PE is where I grew up, it’s a great place to relax. It’s a very laid back and family vibe. The only con is that there are not enough places for me to Harlem Shake…hahaha.

We know you like to party just as much as we do. Does PE have enough places to satisfy your night out escapades?
There are some clubs that just recently opened, but to really break it down where everyone is just happy and where there is great music I hit Castros, what a vibe!

LW Babes
How do you prepare for a big night out?
I don’t prepare, I’m chilled these days.

If we had to venture down to PE and spend a weekend with you, how, where and what would you do to us?
Hehehe, I would first give you an essential, just teasing, I like to go with the flow but as you know me its gonna be one fun weekend. I’ll probably take you guys on a roadtrip to Plettenburg Bay (my second home) so pack some golf clubs and get ready for some adventure sports.

Explain to us what the perfect night out would be like?
The perfect night would be a dinner with the family and close friends and then hit the town with my Brother, Gustav and sister, Anke. When the three of us get together its one amazing night out. I’m a family girl and my siblings are my best friends.

LW Babes
Would you say you are good girl or a naughty girl?
Good girl.

What’s the best way for a man to woo you?

What’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?

LW Babes
Finish these sentences:
“I like it when a guy….”
looks me in the eye when talking to me.

 “My favourite underwear is…”
on me right now.

“I Feel sexy when…”
I’ve finished a good gym session.

“I get turned on by…”

“….makes me blush”
Being given flowers

Follow the gorgeous Inge on Twitter.

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