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Saturday , 18 January 2020
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LW Babe of the Week Collette

Now, this sexy blonde babe not only got our attention with her mouth watering good looks but her awesome personality is just as much of a turn on. Collette Johnson is our featured LW Babe of the Week, a belter who has the qualities that South African babes should have and at the same time isn’t scared to enjoy a good party with a few Long Island Iced Teas and Tequilas…a girl after our own hearts.
A professional dancer at Sun City, she experiences a different but awesome lifestyle than most. Have a read through our interview with her and get to know Collette.

LW Babes
Full name: Collette Leigh Johnson

Nickname: Little Cee J

Age: 24

Hometown: Durban

Day job: Professional dancer at Sun City Resort

Cocktail of choice: Long Island Iced Tea

Shooter of choice: Tequila

Music of choice: Dub-step

Party trick: Splits on the dance floor

Claim to fame: IFBB  Miss Beach Bikini KZN, dancer for Busta Rhymes and T Pain SA Tour. Trained with Terry Crews and Adam Sandler in the Gary Player gym for a few months.

SA Babes
Where are you most likely to found on the weekends?
Catching butterflies in the palace gardens.

Being a professional dancer at Sun City, how much of your time is spent there?
We live on complex on the resort, I’ve been back home to Durban once in the last 5 months, but visit JHB once or twice a month.

You must have experienced some crazy things working at a place that never sleeps. Tell us about some of those experiences?
Adam Sandler, Terry Crews and Drew Barrymore were on complex for 3 months filming their up and coming comedy film called Shaken. I spent a lot of time on set with them and got to enjoy some really fun times training in the gym with them. We also witnessed some drunk moron roll his car going 30kmph outside the main hotel. [Laughs] So many stories I could tell.

South African Babes

“I guess some kind of hardcore kick ass type, where I’m a superhero or some kind of vigilante doing insane kung-fu and ju-jitsu, saving the day and being all hardcore”

What’s the best thing about living in South Africa?
The weather. It hasn’t rained once in almost 6 months here at Sun City. Every day the sun shines with blue skies.

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why?
I would love to live in Miami, everything’s bigger, the people are beautiful and the opportunities that arise are unparalleled.

What would people be most impressed with to know about you?
I’m a really natural girl, I never wear make-up in the day, only for shoots and shows and I am the next master chef baker [laughs].

What’s a dream that you wish you didn’t have to wake up from?
I guess some kind of hardcore kick ass type, where I’m a superhero or some kind of vigilante doing insane kung-fu and ju-jitsu, saving the day and being all hardcore. As long as I have an insane superhero outfit.

LW Babes
What do you do to keep your body looking in such good shape…damn?
I train 3-4 hours a day. 1 hour of yoga/ pilates, 1.5 hours of weight training and an hour cardio during my extrav show at Suncity.

How often do you use your good looks to get you out of trouble, get you way or get what you want?
Uhm [laughs] I don’t really see myself as better or more beautiful than anyone else, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when I have been dressed to the nines I’ve pretended I’m a guest at the Palace or the main hotel and asked them to valet park my car, or chauffer me around. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, that might get in trouble [laughs].

If you were in a band would you be the lead singer, the guitarist or the drummer and why?
I’d be the drummer, I’ve played percussion and the drum kit since I was 7.

LW Babes

Finish these sentences:

“A girl should never ever…”
lose her dignity and self respect.

“A guy should never ever…”
cheat or wear Crocs.

“The thought of…makes me blush”
my costumes falling off on stage

“The best way to flaunt my sexy appeal is…”
subtle but sexy, simple jeans, nice heels, minimal make-up and clean hair.

“Foreplay is…”

Photos by Roger Wells Photography
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  1. Collette is an amazing woman …obviously don’t know true answers to all questions she gave but this i know are true answers…she is GENUINE not just for mag …on top of good looks

  2. hei i jst wanna say u hot n u rock dear. lv u

  3. thought that we could for an alliance of you Collette being at Suncity , and meeting the clientele that I would also like to do business with down here in Cape Town , The Tourist. I am a freelance tour guide based here and business works both ways so I would also send clients direct to you.We can work on a referral basis , so like my Fb page at and lets be in touch to form a good business relationship moving forward , all welcome .

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