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Friday , 23 August 2019
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LW Babe Monica van der Bank

Get ready to have your breath taken away! The insanely gorgeous Monica van der Bank is back, and features as this week’s LW Babe of the Week. See what the blonde belter had to say as we caught up with her in our interview below.
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Meet our LW Babe Monica van der Bank

Full name: Monica Michelle van der Bank

Nickname: Mon or Monny

Age: 25

Hometown: Somerset West

Day job: Junior marketing manager for Lorna Jane

Likes: Surfing, rugby, books, wakeboarding, shopping, poker and travelling.

Dislikes: Traffic, waking up early, standing in a line at a store, going to the bank, a mess and clutter.

Special talents: Dancing, singing, cooking, painting, athletics and event planning.

Our South African Babes feature with the gorgeous Monica van der Bank

Welcome back to LW Mag. How’ve you been since we last featured you and what has changed in the life of Monica?
I have experienced life. Traveled to London, San Francisco and Dubai for modelling. Dealt with the loss of loved ones and all that comes with that. I can truly say that makes a person stronger.

You also featured as our Miss May 2015 Calendar Girl. What did that opportunity mean to you?
It was an incredible calendar, but what really stood out for me was working with an amazing group of people.

Being a Cape Town girl and having stayed in both JHB and Durban for a while, what are your pos and cons of each city? 
Durban pros – definitely the weather and the fact that you can surf the whole year because the water is amazing. I’ve got two incredible friends still living there. Moving to a city where I didn’t know anyone, I found that I was accepted with open arms.
Cons – I have nothing.  One of my favourite cities.
JHB pros – fast paced lifestyle and I prefer that. It has amazing hidden locations that are absolutely gems and great for creating everlasting memories.
Cons – really dangerous. I felt really unsafe.

Our South African girls feature with the gorgeous Monica van der Bank

What would be your ultimate city to live in?
Basically any place that looks like Cape Town and feels like Cape Town.

How would you sum up your shoot with Garreth Barclay for this feature?
I’ve known this incredible talented guy for a few years. So basically, it was like spending the day with a friend and him capturing it on camera.

What was going through your mind while looking all sensual and sexy on the beach while posing for the camera?
I’ve completely stopped modelling and it was an experience to get back to it. Felt like the good old days.

Monica van der Bank features as our LW Babe of the Week

In your last interview with us you admitted that you were actually quite shy. Do you still consider yourself shy or have things changed?
I’m not as shy but still professional. I have grown as a person while travelling and my job consist of interacting with all kinds of people on a daily basis. I swim in the deep-end every single day.

What is one of the craziest things you have ever done?
My life is a roller coaster, so technically I’m doing it everyday. Never a dull moment.

Guys. The turns-ons and the turn-offs?
Turn ons: Christian, ambitious, mysterious and keeps me on my tippy toes.
Turn offs: Unstable men with double standards. Cold hearted.

Our SA Babes feature with the gorgeous Monica van der Bank

Girls. The turns-ons and the turn-offs?
Turn ons: What attracts me to a girl to potentially become her friend is when she’s vibrant, energetic, positive and has a caring nature for others.
Turn offs: Girls who badmouth people. Backstabbing. Girls who think they know me but have no idea who I am.

Words of advise to anyone that wants to seal the deal with you?
Already happened. I found this genuine kindhearted person. Life is not about finding someone perfect, it’s about the good and the bad. When you find that, life will stop and u will look at him and just realise how perfect he is in every way.

What goes on during a girls night out and how out of hand can they actually get?
Starts with pre drinks and  getting dressed. Gossip for hours and finding the best place to hit the dance floor. That’s generally where we will be most of the night.

Our SA Girls feature with the gorgeous Monica van der Bank

Have you ever committed any type of petty crime and not owned up for it?
I’ve stollen cookies from mommy’s jar, but it’s always my sister’s fault.

What would we experience if we were a fly on the wall during a weekend with you?
It would start with a fitness event I organised and after I would go to a braai that would lead to getting dolled up and going to an event. Sundays consist of beautiful views, a glass of wine, blue peter pizza and good company. Ending with cuddling up on the couch with a movie and sweets.

Meet our featured LW Babe of the Week Monica van der Bank

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Topless? Shower time.

Sensual? Kissing.

Beach shoots? Cold water… Cape Town you know.

Addiction? Savanna and pizza.

Mind blowing? New adventure.

Must have? Lorna Jane and Sissy Boy.

Photos by Garreth Barclay
Hair and make-up by Tremayne West

Photo Gallery:

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