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Monday , 18 February 2019
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LW Babe Leah G

With looks that will have any man begging for more and a fun personality to match, we just cant get enough of our LW Babe of the Week. Meet the kind, fun-loving, good-looking, food-loving – Leah G here.

Meet our LW Babe of the Week, Leah Devon Gindra

Full name: Leah Devon Gindra

Nickname: Leah G

Age: 23

Hometown: Pretoria

Day job: Personal Trainer and Events Co-ordinator for I Move Fitness.

Likes: Food! I love exploring new restaurants and finding hidden little gems to share a meal with friends. Coffee and my guilty pleasure, Nutella! Yes my likes are mostly food-related, its how I started this sentence, not? I am crazy about German Shepard’s and my life goals literally revolve around my future dog(s). When I’m not indulging I love hitting the beach now that I am a Ballito local and I’ve recently started running, which is just a blessing in itself in this town. On the flip side I’m totally down to spend a miserable day under the covers binge watching old episodes of Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Friends.

Dislikes: “Sorry, we are out of Avo.” or any disappointing sentence related to my first menu choice when ordering. Rude humans. People who are mean to animals, what is that even?

Special talents: Making light of serious situations. Insulting rude humans with so much kindness that it leaves them feeling confused.

Our South African Babes feature with Leah Devon Gindra

Meeting Leah for the first time, what impression would we most likely be left with?
Who’s that girl who laughs at everything? Why is she still laughing? Will she ever stop talking?

What drives you?
My tenaciousness and trust in the universe. My friendships (thank you universe) and the thought that there are still restaurants out there that I haven’t tried yet.

What do your daily routines normally consist of?
As much as I appreciate a good routine I like to keep my options open. A typical day in the life of Leah would consist of a morning coffee, early clients @IMF Ballito starting anything from 04:30 onwards, then off to Zimbali where I manage our Gym facility, admin (bleh). Back to IMF which is my home gym and the most social part of my day, my colleagues (read friends) are the shizz nizz and our clients are the coolest bunch you’ll ever meet. Train, afternoon coffee, “where are we going for lunch guys?”. Afternoon clients. Home time, tea, music and time to explore in the kitchen.

Our SA Babes feature with Leah Devon Gindra

Do you consider yourself more naughty or nice?
Overly nice. I am kind to every person I meet, you never know who you’ll bump into and how your relationship with them could benefit your future. Be kind, always!

What are your pet peeves?
Misophonia, I will cut you if I hear you chewing.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Cruising down Ballito drive in my Jeep Wrangler, the soft top down, Levi (my future Shepard) in the passenger seat head out of the window, tongue flapping in the wind. On my way to lunch of course.
Oh and I’ve just landed in from which ever country I made an appearance in to MC/ Talk/ Host a Health and Fitness related event (that I’ve organised preferably).

Our South African Girls feature with Leah Devon Gindra

How do you keep you body in such good shape?
80/20 Rule – Life is about balance. I make good food choices 80% of the time and indulge in the other 20%. Sometimes the math is off but you get where I’m going with this. I do weight training 2 times p.w, I try to run at least 3 times p.w and my favourite, Yoga! I practice as often as I can but dedicate Thursday evenings to a session with Niki from Play.Move.Breathe.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love going out and sharing a meal with good friends. I love turning the music up and driving a little faster than I actually should. I have fun when I am in good company so this is a tricky one, I would have more fun sitting in our coffee shop at work with my bestie than I would on a weekend away with crappy people.

What are some of the worst ways guys have tried to pick you up?
Cheesy pick-up-lines and sliding into DM’s. Although I must say this is not a problem for me, resting bitch face is strong!

Our SA Girls feature with Leah Devon Gindra

What type of guy are you attracted to?
I don’t have a type. I am attracted to kindness and intellect. You have to love food and be able challenge my perspective (just enough) in all aspects of life. I appreciate ambition and a good sense of humour (I am hilarious). He needs to take care of himself, stay fit and be well groomed. Also good banter is a lady killer!

What is your idea of sex appeal?
“Google searches sex appeal”. Jokes, in my opinion it is your ability to leave an impression and it’s largely based on your self confidence. Different strokes for different folks, your sex appeal can be anything from your looks to your ability to converse on the topic of Quantum Physics. It depends really, all that matters is that you are 100% authentic, it’s not something you can fake.

Leave us with some words to live by?
No one is you and that is your super power!
Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Leah Devon Gindra features as this week's LW Babe

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Summer? Hell yeah! Tanned, wet skin, Piz Buin and Craft G&T’s.

Winter? Chunky Knitted Jersey’s, onesies and cheeky chocolatey treats.

Naughty? 50 Shades much?

Nice? Myself duh. No actually my grandmothers attempts to better my vocabulary by combatting “that’s nice” with, “a cup of tea is nice”.

Sensual? The thing I try to be in photo shoots, I can’t stand the word “sexy”.

Secret? The gorgeous ladies from Victoria Secret, which are goal inspiring all day every day!

Photos by Sean Levitt | Instagram.

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