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Wednesday , 10 August 2022
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LW Babe Kayla De Lange

Featured as Miss July in our 2021 LW Mag Calendar, we thought why not introduce Kayla De Lange to you as this week’s LW Babe of the Week?! Get to know her here…

Meet Kayla De Lange as our LW Babe of the Week

Full name: Kayla De Lange

Nickname: KC

Age: 27

Hometown: Johannesburg

Day job: Web Designer

Likes: Animals, music, fitness, gaming, food, cars, makeup and the outdoors

Dislikes: Negativity, laziness, olives, not enough cheese on pizza, animal abusers and I’m terrified of insects

Special talents: I could probably beat most guys in Call of Duty

Meet Kayla De Lange in our South African Babes featureMeet Kayla De Lange in our SA Babes feature

Give is a quick introduction to Kayla?
Most people would describe me as sweet, kind hearted and a great listener. I am very driven, competitive and a bit of a perfectionist, I always give my all in everything I do and I would do anything for the people I love.

What drives you and what are you passionate about?
I always strive to be better than the person I was yesterday, whether it be in my relationships, work and fitness. I am passionate about bodybuilding, food and I am a huge animal lover.

If you could be vacationing anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
It’s a tough call between Bali and America. I have always wanted to visit America, ever since I can remember, the amazing cities, beaches and all of the incredible food and activities they have there. I would also love to go to a paradise location like Bali, to escape the busy city life and relax on a secluded island somewhere.

Our SA babes feature with Kayla De Lange

What does your daily routine usually consist of?
I like to start the day off by listing five things I’m grateful for, after that my day mostly consists of prepping diet food, doing my work and going to gym. If I have time I will watch series and play games online.

Living the fitness lifestyle, what are some of your favourite workouts?
I enjoy training glutes, shoulders and back the most. Those are body parts I wish to grow and improve on and I love seeing and feeling them pumped in the gym after my workout.

Which part of your body do you enjoy flaunting the most and why?
I would probably have to say my biceps, it has always been a strong point for me and a muscle I am able to grow quite easily and I think for a petite girl like myself, it is quite impressive to have well developed biceps.

Our South African Girls feature with Kayla De LangeOur SA Girls feature with Kayla De Lange

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
Most people don’t know that I’m a bit of a a tomboy. I enjoy gaming, cars and speed, watching UFC, I’m a huge marvel/ superhero fan and I own a few reptiles.

You are also featured in our 2021 LW Mag Calendar. How would you best sum up the experience of shooting for the calendar?
I absolutely loved being part of such an exciting shoot, I felt so grateful for the opportunity. With my love for speed and extreme sports I thought it was the perfect shoot for me to be apart of.

What are you thoughts on the final outcome and featuring as Miss July?
I am very happy with the overall outcome of the shoot, the photographer and the guidance with every shot was amazing. I would have loved to shoot with one of the SuperDrift cars or the Motocross bikes but I am still very thrilled with how my feature turned out.

Meet Kayla De Lange in our South African Girls feature

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
I see myself married, happy, living in our own home with a big garden to fit more pets of course. I would love to have travelled and seen more of the world, have started my own business and will have hopefully gotten my pro card in bodybuilding as a Bikini Fitness athlete.

What five things top your bucket list?
Earning my pro card.
Buying our first house.
Getting my own business up and running.
Doing something I’ve never done before like skydiving.

If you could spend the day in anyones shoes, who would it be and why?
I would love to be one of the well known animal caretakers of the world for a day, like Jane Goodall and get to work with wild animals, which is my absolute dream. Or, I wouldn’t mind getting to be Ken Block for a day, one of the best rally car drivers in the world and getting to experience that thrill. It must be so awesome to do what you love every single day and who wouldn’t want to get into a fast car and race for a living, sounds like the most exciting job ever!

Meet Kayla De Lange in our SA Girls featureOur South African babes feature with Kayla De Lange

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Adrenaline? Speed.

Attractive? Funny, loyalty and kindness.

Turn off? Big ego, arrogance and dishonesty.

Date night? Good food and a movie.

Life goal? To stay fit, healthy and happy and to leave a positive impact on the world.

Flirting? Not one of my strong points.

Photos by Carlos Frazao Photography | Instagram.

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