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Thursday , 9 April 2020
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LW Babe Courts Smith

Last featured five years ago, Courts Smith might have gone though a few life experiences, which we discuss below, but one thing is for sure – she is looking hotter than ever. Back again as our LW Babe of the Week, we catch up with the fun-loving belter.

Meet Courts Smith as our LW Babe of the Week

Full name: Courtney Megan-Marie Smith

Nickname: Courts, cooks, boo (depends on our relationship)

Age: 25

Hometown: Kempton Park

Day job: The sale of vape related products and cannabis paraphernalia

Likes: Dancing, good music, good company, and snacks – definitely snacks

Dislikes: Thunder, spiders, animal cruelty and negativity

Special talents: Making an absolute tit of myself

Our South African Babes feature with Courts Smith

Welcome back to the pages of LW Mag. Having last featured you 5 years ago, what’s been going on in the life of Courts?
Well now, life has been quite the ride to be honest. Many ups and many downs. I’ve learned so much and I’ve come out so much stronger and wiser. Life has been quite the party too, nothing can stop me from dancing and smiling.

Have you had any life changing experiences over the past few years? 
Oh yes, so many. I’ve experienced betrayal and so much love. Life has been one hell of a roller coaster ride, but hey who doesn’t enjoy a good thrill ride? About a year ago I spoiled myself with a well deserved 3 month long holiday in Australia and all I can say is, wow! But, as much as I enjoyed it, there’s no place like home. Nothing matches up to the flavour of our country.

How do you feel you have grown as a woman and a model since 2015?
Through all I’ve experienced in the past five years I have grown immensely as a woman. I’ve experienced so much from physical abuse and betrayal, but so much more from all the love and support from my incredible friends and family. Through all of this I’ve learned the art of forgiveness and understanding. One thing that hasn’t changed is the way I love. I have and will always love with all my heart.
As a model I’ve learned to be a lot more comfortable in my own skin instead of how critical I was of myself in the past. Nobody has the perfect body, face, skin or hair. As long as you are happy with yourself you erupt with beauty and self confidence. I’ve embraced the beauty of my curly hair, my imperfectly perfect body, my freckle covered skin and all that makes me me.

Our SA Babes feature with Courts Smith
Our South African Girls feature with Courts Smith

What does a day in the life of Courts usually consist of?
A ton of goofing around, dancing, smiling, laughing, and joking whether I’m at home, at work, or out and about. Work consists of plenty of vaping, playing pool, helping customers, and talking about all kinds of nonsense.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
There isn’t much people don’t know about me because I like to be honest and speak my mind all the time. Sometimes it gets me into a little bit of trouble, but honesty is one thing you can always expect from me and that’s just something my family taught me.
Although, if I were to choose something I’d probably say the fact that I have the worst case of stage fright. This is the one thing that holds me back from doing quite a few things that I’d love to get into such as singing.

If you could live as a male for one week, what would you like to experience and get up to?
This is the most hilarious question because I already consider myself as “one of the guys”, so I’m not quite sure how to answer this. You usually get the funniest answers. But, as silly as it might sound, walking around topless in public spaces such as the beach would be something interesting because as a woman this isn’t exactly socially acceptable.

Our SA Girls feature with Courts Smith
Meet Courts Smith in our South African Babes feature

Which part of your body usually gets the most attention from guys, any why do you think that is?
Definitely my booty. I don’t see anything overly special about it but guys seem to love it, especially my boyfriend. But I must say that I am a booty fan myself.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?
If I could change one thing about myself it would probably be how awkward I get when I’m nervous. I am such a weirdo when I’m nervous. But, also the whole stage fright story, I hate how it hinders me.

What is your idea of the perfect first date?
I don’t care much for expensive dinners or any of the usual cheesy and generic nonsense. Take me to do something completely random and unique. Let’s do something fun like comedy night for example.

Meet Courts Smith in our SA Babes feature
Meet Courts Smith in our South African Girls feature

What are your do’s and don’ts when it comes to guys striking up conversation with you?
Rule number 1: Don’t be an arrogant pig.
Rule number 2: Make me laugh.
I can guarantee if you act like an arrogant pig I will laugh in your face and that’s not the kind of “make me laugh” that you want.

What is one of the wildest things you have ever experienced? 
Falling in love would be the cheesiest answer I could probably go with, so let’s not go with that.
Also, at one of my old jobs we arrived at work to find that we had load-shedding (surprise, surprise), which meant we had no internet to do any work. So our boss decided we were going to spend the day drinking shots and basically have an all day bender. From tequila at 10am to oyster shots in the late hours of the afternoon. The morning babelas was pretty wild.
Honestly, I’ve done so many wild things I could tell you about but that would take all day and maybe the the next few days too.

If you could host your own TV show, what would it be about and what would it be called? 
It would be called “What on earth??” And, it would be a whole mush-mash of the most random and bizarre things you could imagine. I love weird and wonderful things.

Meet Courts Smith in our SA Girls feature

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Life experiences? Travelling abroad.

Valuable? Life lessons.

Desire? Travel the world.

Arousing? Boyfriend.

First class? Flying.

Good times? Friends.

Photos by Hotlens Photographic.

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