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Wednesday , 20 February 2019
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LW Babe Celine Sumner

Last featured in 2016, we catch up with Durban stunner Celine Sumner and bring her back as our featured LW Babe of the Week.

Meet Celine Sumner as our LW Babe of the Week

Full name: Celine Sumner

Nickname: Celiney

Age: 21

Hometown: Durban

Day job: Make-up Artist

Likes: Going on adventures, chocolate, sushi, yoga, reading, horse riding, dancing and socializing

Dislikes: Rude and unkind people, gossip and bad vibes, and birds

Special talents: Make-up and belly dancing

Our South African Babes feature with Celine Sumner

Welcome back to LW Mag. What’s been happening in the life of Celine since we last featured you in 2016?
I’ve just been focusing all my energy on being the best version of myself. Traveling and making awesome memories with amazing people.

Anything happen in your life over the last two years that you never expected to happen?
Yes a lot, each day is a new and exciting adventure.

If you could know the absolute truth to one question, what would your question be?
Is there life after death?!

Our SA Babes feature with Celine Sumner

What are some of your favorite series to binge watch?
I love a good comedy, my ultimate favorite is 2 Broke Girls. I also like anything to do with crime and investigation.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?
I’m actually very shy.

What would your ultimate weekend consist of?
My perfect weekend would consist of going away with close friends and family, somewhere on a beautiful beach, having cocktails and snorkeling in the sun. Ending off with a bonfire while looking up at the moon and stars.

Meet Celine Sumner as this week's LW Babe

What type of guy gets your attention?
Tall, dark and handsome with blue eyes will definitely get my attention but I like a guy with a good sense of humor, banter and who’s just fun and down to earth.

What is your sure fire way to seal the deal with him?
I’m pretty shy so I like it when a guy takes control and seals the deal.

If we had to take you on a date, what would you expect from us?
Sushi and wine with a gorgeous view, I’d be a happy girl.

Our South African Girls feature with Celine Sumner

The nice guy, the bad boy and the hipster. Which one do you have a one night stand with, which one do you marry and which one do you have a conversation with?
Conversation with the hipster because I enjoy that vibe. One night stand with a bad boy because I wouldn’t want to get my heart broken. Marry a nice guy, one day hopefully.

What scares you?
Birds! They love my hair.

Leave us with some motivation for the week?
When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

Our SA Girls feature with Celine Sumner

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Early mornings? Coffee, sunrise and birds chirping.

Late nights? Stars, the moon and loud music.

Exciting? Adventures, traveling, food and friends.

Life hacks? Contacts.

Determination? Gym and yoga.

Fetish? Massages.

Photos by Lyle Simes Photography.

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