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LW Babe Ashleigh Wilson

A third year University Student who’s passion for fitness drives her lifestyle, we get to know Ashleigh Wilson as this week’s LW Babe of the Week.

Meet our LW Babe of the Week Ashleigh Wilson

Full name: Ashleigh Jade Wilson

Nickname: Ash

Age: 21

Hometown: Johannesburg

Day job: Third year University Student and Social Media Manager

Likes: Fitness, Cooking, Travelling, Fashion and Décor (design), Family and friends

Dislikes: Unkind and unfriendly people, people who display arrogance and take things for granted such as being able to be fit and healthy, not fond of untidy spaces

Special talents: I am very perceptive and intuitive. I have a very strong gut feeling that often leads me in the right direction. I am very disciplined and focused when it comes to reaching my goals. I am extremely loyal. My love for new challenges such as rock climbing and golf. I am quite versatile and adventurous

Our South African babes feature with Ashleigh WilsonOur SA babes feature with Ashleigh Wilson

Give us a quick introduction to Ashleigh?
I am a 21 year old ambitious and driven young lady. I have a zest for life and adventure focused outlook on life. I love challenges and any situation that helps me grow as a person. I am extremely happy and have a positive outlook on life, when it comes to what I want to achieve, have to look forward to and challenges to overcome. I study psychology and criminology at the University of Pretoria and I work as a Social Media Manager at an advertising agency.

What does a day in your life consist of? 
I am an early riser. I like to do my morning cardio for an hour. I then take my sister to school and get ready for work and university. I then go to gym for my weight session, then complete another session of cardio. I then have family and friend down-time and prepare for the next day.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
I think most people don’t know how brave I am. I am not afraid to be and do things alone such as travelling overseas by myself, taking on Bodybuilding by myself and it shows how fearless and independent I can be at the age of 21.

Our South African girls feature with Ashleigh WilsonOur SA girls feature with Ashleigh Wilson

What were your first thoughts when approached to be featured as one of our LW Mag models?
I was excited because I can relate to the magazine because of the adventure, and the sport lifestyle. The magazine is quite versatile in extreme sports and fitness which is a good fit for me and my new fitness career.

What do you enjoy most about being in front of the camera?
Being in front of the camera brings me out of my comfort zone and I enjoy it because I love doing new things that challenge me to think and be different as well as learn to love who I am and who I’m becoming.

Which part of your body do you enjoy flaunting the most and why?
My legs and my back because of how strong they look. I love looking and feeling strong.

Meet Ashleigh Wilson in our South African babes featureMeet Ashleigh Wilson in our SA babes feature

Which Movie/TV character do you feel best portrays your personality and stye?
Meghan Markle in Suits because she is classy, she’s smart and she has amazing style. She is not afraid to go for what she wants.

What five things top you bucket list?
International travel.
Open my own business practicing psychology.
Win my Bodybuilding Pro Card.
I’d like to enter Miss Earth to make a difference and bring positive change.
I would like to speak at an industry conference and become a key opinion leader.

What is one of the craziest things you have ever experienced?
Paragliding off a mountain.

Meet Ashleigh Wilson in our South African girls featureMeet Ashleigh Wilson in our SA girls feature

Given the opportunity to be holidaying at a destination of your choice, which would it be and why?
The Northern Lights in Norway. The experience would be once in a lifetime because it is not guaranteed. Living in the glass igloo watching this magnificent creation would be unreal to experience.

Tell us about your fitness journey and what it means to you?
I started my fitness journey in 2017, when I was in Matric. I also love sports and being active as I played netball for Gauteng both indoor and outdoor. I started my bodybuilding journey in 2019 and competed in the IFBB Provincial show. I then carried on training to improve and build my frame over the next year, especially when Covid-19 came, adaptation and improvisation was the best I could do with gyms being closed. I entered the Biogen Face of Fitness in 2020, and it taught me so much about the fitness industry, how to establish my place and find my passion for doing what I love. I then joined my team, Mad Scientist, with my coach Warren Germishuizen, who has guided me and helped me build the body of my dreams. I competed in the NPC Muscle Mulisha show in May 2021 and placed in both my classes. Fitness is very important to me. Being active and strong, eating healthy and mindfully and practicing good habits every single day is ultimately what is going to help me achieve my dream body and goal. Fitness is something I work at every day. I strive for consistency and not perfection. I aim to build a life built around healthy habits and consist work in the gym, building my strength, both physically and mentally.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 
I see myself living overseas in London, hopefully with my pro card. I want to be successful in my work space. I would ideally like to start my own fitness and clothing line. I see myself being happy and content in the life I have set out to live.

Meet Ashleigh Wilson as this week's LW BabeWe interview Ashleigh Wilson in our LW Babe of the Week feature

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Cheat meal: Sushi and ice cream.

Late nights: Dinner with friends.

Turn on: Good dress sense, nice smelling cologne, kind people.

Turn off: People who are rude to staff and waiters and animals.

Addictive: Gym, bettering myself.

Scary: Losing the closest people to me.

Photos by Marc Dryden-Schofield.
@mds_fitness_imagery | @marcdschofield

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