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Wednesday , 8 July 2020
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Hottie LJ!

Full Name: Laura-Jane Nel

Nickname: LJ

Age: 24

Hometown: I am originally from the UK, but now live in Johannesburg

Drink of Choice: Strawberry Daiquiri

Music of Choice: Current music, pop remixes, anything I can dance to…still love chill-axing to a bit of Adele though when I need to relax 

Have you ever tried any alternative sports?

I have done a bungee jump and been sky diving in New Zealand, does that count?! Wow, what an incredible experience, I am definitely a secret adrenalin junkie…well not so secret now.

What’s one thing girls do better than guys?

One thing? Hmm, I could pick a few…ha-ha! Us girls know how to shop and do it well!

If you could be a guy for a day – what would you get up to?

Honestly? I wouldn’t ever want to be a guy for a day, I have far too much fun being a lady, these girls just wanna have fun!!!

How do you keep in such good shape?

Dance, dance and more dancing. I do train in my hubby’s gym a few times a week but am personally not much of a gym person. Shimmying all night and toning up at the same time is a bonus!

How does your hubby handle photo shoots and guys admiring you?

He takes it very well and completely supports me. Aw, don’t I have a good one!

What’s one thing you think girls wish guys knew?

How to spoil a special lady, I love surprises, it’s the thought that counts guys, so go on surprise us!

Would you say you’re more naughty or nice?

Oh, um, nice on the outside but definitely a bit naughty on the inside. Mischievous is my middle name, I love to be cheeky and take a few risks.

If we were to ask your hubby what your worst habit was – what would he tell us?

Most probably that I shop too much and like to spend his money, I would love to think that he would say that I don’t have any bad habits… in a perfect world, hey!

What takes up most of your time?

Most definitely dancing, I love it, I love having a jam with my friends, boogieing out until the sun goes down and comes up the next morning, essential equipment-killer heels…great for toning your legs!

You have a million bucks and 24 hours to spend it – what do you do?

Wow, that’s a tough one! I’d go on a huge shopping spree with my friends splash out on something naughty and sexy to wear for the hubby then take him to a Monte for a spa treat, dinner, drinks and romantic night in. I’d probably also buy us a car- no, most definitely buy us a *flashy* car-very important! Could I fit that all in in 24hours, ha-ha!

Your biggest turn on and biggest turn off.

Biggest turn on- a guy has to have subtle confidence, a cheeky smile and nice bum. Biggest turn off- arrogance, drunks and socks and sandals! 

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