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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Gorgeous Margie!

Name: Margie Viljoen
Age: 23
Hometown: Although I was born in Thabazimbi I grew up in Kempton Park
Nickname: Margs

Describe the best way to spend a South African summer’s day?
A lazy summer’s day with a picnic basket and loved ones. Spent under the trees by the river, most definitely!

Do you have any hidden talents?
I actually do! I’m also a DJ.

What’s the best kind of dessert?
Italian Kisses.

Where will you be this New Year’s Eve?
I don’t have any plans for New Year’s at the moment, but I will definitely be at the coast partying!

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  1. Hi There

    I am not too sure who, where, what or how these Sexy Goddesses were able to Feature In The Sexy Girls Section of your Magazine??

    But my reason for actually trying to reach One of you over there at the Mag is purely because I would really really love the opportunity to also have my pictures taken
    and hopefully also be featured, have a Article (Exactly the same as all the other beautiful ladies!!!!) about and regarding me placed with your Magazine.

    Please Kindly advise me further if this is at all possible, or if perhaps I am just wishing & dreaming a little too much and the only way that an Individual can Appear/Feature in Your Sexy Girls Section might only be Strictly By Invite Only or that it was maybe just a once off thing to promote your magazine??

    Awaiting your reply either way whether it is Positive or Negative Feedback Id really really be v.very grateful and appreciative to you.

    Thank-you Kindly

    Best Regards

    Cherize Lezzi
    (062) 466-1313 (Business Line)
    (078) 785-9571 (Private Line)

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