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Tuesday , 26 March 2019
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Gorgeous Kirsten!

Self-confessed party animal, full-time promotions coordinator, part-time model and all round hottie – this week’s babe is none other than the gorgeous Jozi girl, Kirsten.

Full Name: Kirsten Maarschalk

Nickname: Kirst/ Kirly/ Kage

Age: 23

Hometown: Edenglen, JHB

Likes: Anything chocolate, summer days at the pool, ice-cold cocktails and girls’ nights.

Dislikes: Rude, judgemental and dishonest people, marzipan, Parktown prawns and moths.

Turn ons: A sexy fragrance and a confident but not cocky attitude.

Turn offs: Talk about protein shakes and roids boet!

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s silly season?

Seeing my sister and family from Oz and tanning for hours on Cape Town beaches!

Where will you be welcoming in the New Year?

Somewhere in Cape Town. Possibly Eden on the Bay… Although it got rather crazy there last year!

What has been your best New Year’s to date?

Definitely one year in Amanzimtoti! I won’t say it was the most elegant NYE, but it was definitely one for the books! From fireworks on the beach like landmines to a friend falling down the steps and pushing everyone down with her! LOL!

Are you a morning or evening person?

EVENING for sure! I’ll admit to being a bit of a party animal and living by the phrase “sleep when you’re dead”. So when I get the chance, I love to sleep in.

Your day is just no complete without…

…My cup of tea when I wake up and another before bed.

Twitter or Facebook?

I tend to go through phases, but lately Twitter.

On a Saturday night where would we most likely find you?

Probably at a friend’s house or out on the town – wherever there’s a party.

What would most people be surprised to know about you?

Occasionally I paint and sew.

Describe the worst date you’ve ever been on.

A definite fail! I was set up on a blind date type of a thing recently by my uncle and… well… long story short… my cousin is now dating the guy! Heehee! Things worked out for the best though.

Do you model full-time or do you have another occupation?

I am a full time promotions coordinator for a cosmetic brand, so modelling is my part-time job.

When do you feel sexier – in front of the camera or without it?

Most times in front of the camera. I let the tiger in me out! LOL!

Like Kirsten’s official Facebook page and follow her on Twitter!

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