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Monday , 22 July 2019
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Home » Sports » Mountainbiking » Ethan Nell Talks Audi Nines 2018

Ethan Nell Talks Audi Nines 2018

Ethan Nell is the epitome of pure style on a Downhill bike. Witnessing him session The Audi Nines course was a impressive to say the least.
Placing 3rd in Best Freeride Line, we caught up with Ethan to get his thoughts on the event and more…

Ethan Nell Talks Audi Nines 2018 Downhill MTB event

What were your first impressions on the Audi Nines course?
Well, I knew the boys who built it so I was quite stoked to see what they built. We checked out the course and I was very very surprised at how cool it was actually, at how many good jumps and how big the jumps were, and how fast we’d be going on the jumps. So, yeah, super stoked.

What was it like riding the course for the first time?
I actually followed Reynolds through the big line and I topped-to-bottomed it first go, so yeah did it perfectly and I was super stoked.

Interview with Downhill MTB rider, Ethan Nell about the Audi Nines event

What does an event like Audi Nines mean to you?
Audi Nines is just a super cool event, that I’m super stoked to be a part of. It’s a low stress environment with filming and getting awesome content, as well as a contest for who does the best line, best style, that sort of thing, so it’s super cool to be part on an event like this.

What are your thoughts on the new contest format?
It’s much better. A lot less stress and we can do our thing all week. It’s good.

Ethan Nell tricking the big kicker jump at Audi Nines

How does the course suit your riding style?
It suits my style very well. We ride Fest courses all year that are quite similar to this big line. It’s also kinda dirt jumpy through the Slope line on a downhill bike, which has been super fun to trick around.

Which feature is your favourite?
It’s hard to say, there are too many good jumps. I like the big left hip on the Freeride line as well as the big dirt to dirt after that, cause it’s super Fest style.

Ethan Nell talks about the Audi Nines 2018 MTB event

Take us through your bike setup for Audi Nines?
I mainly ride this type of stuff so it’s just super hard suspension and low/ slow rebound.

Which riders impressed you the most?
Nico (Scholze) thew down an insane run. Nicholi (Rogatkin) killed it, as usual. Reynolds, always, you know. A lot of the boys were really shredding all week, honestly everyone was.

Ethan Nell flatspinning the dirt to dit jump at Audi Nines
Ethan Nell flatspinning the dirt double jump at Audi Nines

Take us through your perfect line?
I put down a run that I was pumped on. I really wanted to Flip the big step-down but I wasn’t really feeling it, I’ve got Rampage coming up so I’m trying to keep things chilled. But yeah, Flat-spinning the big dirt to dirt was cool, the look back shot on that was cool.


Photos by Colin LoudonLW Mag and Klaus Polzer.

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