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Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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Emil Johansson Talks Audi Nines 2019

Hot off an incredible season, Emil Johansson came into The Audi Nines 2019 and, although sporting a few injuries, put it together to take home 3rd in Best Freeride Line.
We caught up with the Swedish rider to get his thoughts on this year’s event…

Emil Johansson talks Audi Nines 2019 Slopestyle and Freeride MTB event

Take us through your week at Audi Nines?
Well my flight got delayed, so I arrived on the Wednesday instead of the Tuesday. I had a sore neck and a sprained ankle so only started riding on the Friday, and I sprained my ankle again on Friday night. It had not been ideal for riding but it was a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to next year and hopefully a lot more healthy to enjoy the full week. The slope bike was just too hard for the impacts so I decided to just ride the big bike, which was a lot of fun too and I even ended up getting on the podium.

What were your first impressions of the course?
Similar to last year but way more improved and everything ran much much better. This is just perfection, it’s just so good.

Audi Nines interview with Slopestyle Mountain Bike rider, Emil Johansson
Audi Nines interview with Freeride MTB rider, Emil Johansson

Which is you favourite feature, and why?
I would say the hip because it was something that scared the shit out of me but was still a lot of fun to ride. Tom (Isted) went like 8 meters from the lip, which is insane, but since the jump is so big it doesn’t seem like a lot – you can go so huge on that one. It’s something different and my first time ever riding something like it.

Take us through your bike and setup for this year’s event?
I’m riding my Trek Ticket S which is Trek’s slope bike. I didn’t end up riding it a lot, I did like four or five jumps on it. And then my Trek Session Park 27.5 bike, which is a prototype bike that I’m currently riding with a shorter rear end so it’s more for jumping than a downhill bike. We’re hitting big jumps so I’m running the suspension all the way to it’s slowest so I don’t get bucked over and to make sure runs smooth – there’s so much time between in feature that the suspension has enough time to pen up again.

Audi Nines interview with Freeride Mountain Bike rider, Emil Johansson
We interview Emil Johansson about competing at Audi Nines 2019

Take us through your Audi Nines dream run?
I just enjoy cruising and having fun. As long as I’m having fun, that’s what really matters.

What tricks impressed you the most?
There’s been a lot of tricks. It’s hard to decide because there’s been a lot of crazy stuff.

How would you best sum up Audi Nines 2019?
Bigger, better, faster. It’s been a good time.

Audi Nines interview with Slopestyle MTB rider, Emil Johansson

Photos by Audi Nines / Florian BreitenbergerKlaus PolzerSyo van Vliet and Ryan Franklin.

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