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Saturday , 15 June 2019
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Home » Sports » David Van Zyl Behind The Blue Doors Video and Interview

David Van Zyl Behind The Blue Doors Video and Interview

A few days ago this sick surfing edit of local surfer David Van Zyl dropped. Filmed and edited by Steve Michelson and called Behind The Blue Doors. Filled with style, barrels, turns and airs, you name it, it’s all here. We caught up with Davey, who is currently in Chile competing in the WQS event, and chatted to him about the edit.

The Video:

Davey Van Zyl ‘Behind the Blue doors’ from steven michelsen on Vimeo.

The Interview:

You have just dropped your new edit called “Behind The Blue Doors”. Tell us about the edit?
It was filmed by Steve Michelson and he edited it without me knowing in a week, was pretty stoked when I saw it.

What surf spots was it filmed at?
It was filmed on north and south coast of Durban over 4 days.

Did you have certain runs/ turns planned that you wanted to capture in the edit?
No real runs or turns planned, was just surfing and sharing waves with mates from the Quiksilver team.

Do you learn anything new once you watch back your footage?
You definitely learn the most about your surfing from watching yourself, so ya, was good to see my flaws and strengths.

You are currently in South America. What are you doing there and how much surfing are you getting in?
I’m currently in Chile competing in the WQS event at El Gringo. I Won my first heat but have been getting pretty smashed up on the reef out there in the free surfs. So hopefully my body holds up for the rest of the contest!

How would you compare the vibe and surfing in South America to South Africa?
South Africans are a lot more relaxed and patient out in the line-ups whereas here the atmosphere in the water is a lot more intense and there’s a lot more hustling and scratching for waves.

What does the rest of your 2013 schedule have in store for you?
I’m off to Mexico after this and then fly home for the Mr Price pro and hopefully get some barrels at home for a few days.

What are your goals for the rest of the season?
My goals are to surf as hard as I can for  the rest of the year and hopefully get some nice results on the WQS .

Who are your sponsors?
My sponsors are Safari Surfboards, Quiksilver and Reef Brazil.


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