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Breathtaking Julie Christie

There’s something about Durban beach babe, Julie Christie that is absolutely breathtaking. So after securing the nod to do a beach shoot with this belter, we’re excited to bring you one of our most smoking-hot LW Babe of the Week features yet.
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Meet the breathtaking Julie Christie in our LW Babe of the Week feature
Full name: Julie Christie

Nickname: Juls

Hometown: Durban

Day job: Medical Rep

Phobias: Geckos

Words to live by: Always back yourself and live every second

Julie Christie shows why she is one of the hottest South African Babes
Being a coastal girl, you’ve obviously done a lot of beach shoots. What was your experience like at our shoot and which scene did you favour the most?
I loved shooting with Neil and Terry (Hotlens Photographic). They are such great guys and make it so easy and comfortable in front of the camera. Lots of banter the whole morning.
I loved shooting the last scene in the water. I was in hysterics laughing when I was supposed to maintain the sultry pose but I was getting swept away by the sea.

What goes through your mind when you are in front of the camera?
Has my boob popped out? My back is bent so far back I feel like a piece of spaghetti.

What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes models make while posing during shoots?
They over think it and become too “posey”, not having enough confidence and being too body conscious. All you need to do is own it and pretend everyone is naked. From then on, it’s a breeze. Back yourself.

Julie Christie shows why she is one of the hottest South African girls
Tell us your secret into keeping your body is such good shape?
I do kettle-bell training & boxing. I’ve been trying to get a lot more SUPing in lately as well.

You have 5 tattoos. What does each one mean to you?
My first 2 are butterflies (bum & foot). I was obsessed with them when I was younger.
3rd are the words “In the darkness I hear you laughing” in memory of my father who passed away (my most special tattoo).
4th is a Buddhist blessing on my back that I got in Thailand on Christmas day.
And a month ago I got a feather in the shape of a music note, fraying into music notes. That one symbolises who I am and what I love. I’m free spirited and totally obsessed with music.

How would you best describe the pain of getting a tattoo, and how do you deal with it?
Everyone who has had a tattoo would agree that its addictive. The pain varies on different parts of your body. I don’t mind the pain, It’s the anticipation of the final piece of artwork that keeps you going (while you dig your nails into the chair).

Julie Christie shows why she is one of the hottest SA Babes
Do you have any plans to get some more work done?
None at the moment. I just had my 5th done a month ago, so not now.

When does it become too much?
I love the sleeves on guys (Adam Levine and David Beckham), very sexy. With girls I think it’s great too, as long as its feminine.

You’re into your SUPing. How did you get into it and how often do you do it?
My apartment looks straight onto the beach. I decided to take up SUPing after a friend introduced me to it. How can I live in Durban and not venture out into the ocean when we have such great beaches and warm ocean, right?
I have had my Starboard Whopper for around 9 months and recently joined Durban SUP. We all meet on a Thursday nights to dice at the Kingfisher. It’s a great way to meet likeminded people and learn from the pro’s.

Julie Christie shows why she is one of the hottest SA Girls
Have you ever seen anything you didn’t want to see swimming underneath you?
No, but I have always said, I don’t care about sharks. But the day I see a dead body, I’m done. I’m freaked out by that thought.

You’re a self admitted concert junkie. What type of concerts, festivals, music are you attracted to?
I’m a massive Indie Rock fan. I love going to concerts and festivals. Music speaks to me.

What has been your all tame favourite concert/ festival to date?
Festival: Would 100% be Rocking the Daisies 2014. The most amount of fun ever!
Concert: Definitely the Foo Fighters Concert in Cape Town 2014. Nothing like hitting a rock concert with rock stars. Prime Circle are friends of mine, so we went together. David Grohl is seriously the biggest legend. My latest tattoo was inspired by his wings on his arms after that concert.

Julie Christie features as our LW Babe of the Week
If you could go to any convert/ festival in the world, which would?
Glastonbury and Burning Man – Ohhhhh Yeaaahhh!

With concerts comes a lot of partying, what;s your hangover cure?
Red Ambulance, Coca Cola.

Meet our LW babe of the Week Julie Christie

5 Question Quickie

Pizza or Burger?
Pizza. I love cheese.

Wine or Beer?
Wine (obviously).

Shooters of Cocktails?
Shooters. Cocktails are sometimes too loaded with sugar. Nothing like having celebratory shots with your friends.

Night out with the girls or Night out with the boys?
Night out with the girls. Nothing like a bit of banter, and catch up, and over shares over wine with your girlies.

Late nights or Early mornings?
Definitely early mornings. I battle to stay awake at night, I sleep like the dead. Nothing like feeling fresh and motivated and rested for a new day.

Photos: Neil and Terry – Hotlens Photographic – Website

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