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Friday , 4 December 2020
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Babe Sasha!

Name: Sasha
Nickname: Sash / Sushi
Age: 28
Hometown: Cape Town
Drink of Choice: Vodka, lime and water

What are you most likely to be doing on your down time?
When last did you experience an adrenaline rush?
Orange River, Dolly Parton Rapids!
When last did you misbehave and what were you doing?
I was at the Knysna Oyster Festival. My girlfriends and I hired a room upstairs at this farm and they had a massive, drooling Boerbull. His name was Ted. Anyway, I got up really early for a morning run and Ted decided to run with me. At the end of my run I lead Ted up the stairs (with much needed coaxing) to where the girls were sleeping and persuaded him to jump up on the bed and lick and drool all over the girls to get them to wake up! Haha! They hated me for the rest of the weekend!
What’s one of your cheap thrills?
Chocolate! What else?
Have you ever shared TMI via Twitter or Facebook?
Never, I’m really good at keeping private stuff off the social networks!

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