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Tuesday , 26 March 2019
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Babe of the Week – Naomi Das

Yowzer! Naomi Das just seems to get hotter and hotter we reckon! As one of our 2010 calendar girls we thought she was smoking hot  back then – but as you can see from these recent pics – Naomi’s hot factor is off the charts now! She may be taken, but there’s no harm in admiring the naughty (but also still nice) Naomi. The lovely lass from Wrexham, North Wales chats to us about her 2011 year, her plans for the future and getting naked for a shoot…

Full Name: Naomi Das

Nickname: Bambi

Hometown: Wrexham, North Wales but now reside in SA.

Likes: Food, cereal, chocolate, cleanliness, movies, my friends, music, meeting friendly people, comedy etc etc….

Dislikes: Dirt, bitchiness, smelly people…

Turn ons: Nice smells, men with a great sense of humour and brains- my man.

Turn offs: Smelly feet and men with dirty hands or nails.

You have lived in SA and overseas. Will SA always be your home?

Somewhat yes, as I do live here now. I go home every few months anyway.

Would you ever move overseas again?


Which are your top 3 SA music artists (bands or DJ’s) at present?

DJ Misterio , Koldproduk and Prime Circle.
A beach holiday or a bush getaway?

Beach holiday anytime!

Are you more of an ‘out-doors’ type of person or a ‘stay-at-home-and-read-a-book’ person?

Are you comfortable with your sexuality and being naked if required?

Yes! Abso-fucking-lutely!!!
You were featured in our 2010 Calendar and now again on our site. Seems as if we just cannot get enough of you?

Errrm….that’s a statement not a question but I guess you can’t get enough of me! He-he!

Would you say you’re more naughty or nice?

Naughty, he-he.

How do you deal with competition in the modelling industry?

I just don’t think about it! There is always competition in this industry but I believe we must always help each other out instead of feeling that it’s a competition. In life you win some and you lose some. It’s how it is.

What’s the biggest misconception you face with being such a gorgeous woman?

People misjudge me if they don’t know me. Then again we all do it hey?! Always give people you don’t know the benefit of the doubt.

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?

I haven’t planned that far ahead! I take things as they come.

Do you have any resolutions?

Not really, no.

If you could sum up your 2011 year in a few words…

BUSY!!! I had a great year thus far and had a lot of fun and met some amazing people.

In 5 years – where do you see yourself?

Is this a job interview? Ha-ha! I don’t know yet….hopefully presenting my own TV show.

What’s the best dating advice you could give to guys and gals?

Don’t try being someone you’re not, its fake! Just be yourself and have a laugh!

If you rate Naomi, be sure to vote for her in our 2012 Calendar Search here.

Photos by R.S Images

Photos by ArticDusk Photography/Make up by Michelle Faber

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