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Friday , 13 December 2019
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Babe of the Week – Anesca!

Gamers – this is one lady for you! Anesca Swart believes one of the most fun things you can do with your clothes on is play Playstation. It’s game on with ‘Need for Speed’! Of course, besides being a bit of a gaming fanatic – Anesca, is quite obviously drop-dead gorgeous and a bit naughty – which naturally makes her a first choice candidate for our Babe of the Week! Happy Hump day guys and best of luck with ”Movember’!

Full Name: Anesca Swart

Nickname: Nescafe

Age: 23

Hometown: Johannesburg

Likes: Anything French, Spur T-Bone steak, shoes and handbags, modelling, fast cars, LW Mag!

Dislikes: Animal cruelty, people driving like idiots, inconsistency, exploitation of the poor

Turn ons: Romance, nice legs, a healthy lifestyle

Turn offs: An attitude, being someone you’re not

The most fun you can have with your clothes on: Dancing at a club until the birds sing! Also enjoying Playstation!

Do you have any hidden talents and would you like to reveal them to us?

Yes, I am very good at playing Need for Speed and I have an abnormally long tongue which enables me to pick my nose with it!

The last time you swore you’d never drink again was when…

…I came home and discovered that I had no shoes on and I couldn’t remember where I left them. Luckily they were still in my girlfriend’s car.

What’s your day job?

I’m a Business Analyst.

What would be your ultimate day job?

Being the Editor of a fashion magazine.

What’s currently the most playlisted song on your iPod?

Black Eyed Peas-Don’t Stop the Party

When was the last time you had an adrenaline rush and what were you doing?

When I went for a spin in my friend’s 1967 Ford Galaxy car he had built up and made a tad faster than normal.

What are your plans for December – how will you be spending the summer?

I’ll be spending time in either the Kruger National Park, enjoying SA’s rich wild life or I’ll be spending time on the beach in Mosselbay or Plettenberg Bay.

What’s your idea of a party?

A lot of dancing and sexy people all around!

Which lady do you have a girl crush on?

Megan Fox. Her tattoos are really sexy!

When you’re in front of the camera you feel…

Alive and invincible! Like I could be doing it for the rest of my life…

Join Anesca’s Facebook group and follow her on Twitter!

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