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Tuesday , 21 May 2019
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Home » Sports » Mountainbiking » Adolf Silva talks DarkFEST 2019

Adolf Silva talks DarkFEST 2019

Next level skills! Adolf Silva has a huge bag of tricks and isn’t scared to throw them on the biggest jumps ever seen – at DarkFEST 2019.
The Spanish Freeride MTB pro took some time to talk us though the event…

How would you sum up your experience of DarkFEST 2019?
It was a pretty good one I would say. The jumps got bigger and better and we were sending it pretty hard everyday, trying to get the most out of it. I think we all did a pretty good job on it and I’m super stoked.

Give us your thoughts on this year’s course?
I just loved it. It was a really nice course and they improved everything. With the new jump at the end, they just killed it. It was really epic this year.

Interview with Freeride MTB rider, Adolf Silva about DarkFEST 2019
Interview with Freeride Mountain Bike rider, Adolf Silva about DarkFEST 2019

Which feature is your favourite and why? 
I would say the last jump. Just because it’s such a big trick jump, and you go really high which is what we like to do. I would have liked to have done some more tricks on that jump like Superman Flips, Grab variations and potentially a Triple Flip – hopefully next year.

What was it like riding through the course for the first time? 
Actually more chilled than I thought, because the jumps are so big and gnarly but at the same time they are just perfect. They don’t feel sketchy when you ride them, they feel on point. The first hits were fun.

Adolf Silva sending the massive rocket launcher jump at DarkFEST
Adolf Silva riding the DarkFEST Freeride MTB course

Which riders impressed you the most?
That’s a hard question because everyone has their own way of sending it and everyone has their own style. I can’t really choose one because I like bits from everyone you know.

What does riding an event like this mean to you?
This event for me, is an event that I look forward to every time we leave here. I just want next year to come so we can go to DarkFEST again. It’s insane and the amount the of fun we have here, you can’t have anywhere, so it was super good to be here.

Adolf Silva riding the DarkFEST Freeride Mountain Bike course
Side by side backflips with Adolf Silva and Brendan Fairclough at DarkFEST 2019

How much does riding an event like this take a toll on your body and bike?
It takes a lot, especially on our bodies. A lot on our bikes as well because crashing here is not like crashing on a normal dirt jump spot, its crashing on a 90 foot jump so it hurts on you body and bike, but it’s worth it.

Your highlight of DarkFEST?
I would say my Double Flip on the last jump. Also trying it on the 90 footer, it didn’t really work out, I was just a bit short.

Adolf Silva at DarkFEST 2019

Photos by Ale Di LulloSyo van VlietGrant Mclachlan and Eric Palmer.

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