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Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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VIDEO: Murphy – The Imperfect BMX Roadtrip

The Vans BMX team recently went on a raodtrip, this time to Bloemfontein as it’s one of those locations that hasn’t been really been explored by BMX riders.

Murphy, The Imperfect BMX Roadtrip

The trip consisted on Buddy Chellan, Malcolm Peters, Brandon Blight, Murray Loubser, Jason Prins and Kevin Schnider. Finally arriving in Bloem, the crew discovered some amazing spots to session. Brandon Blight hurt himself pretty badly on the first day after hitting his back against a pavement, which unfortunately put him out for the rest of the trip.

Vand BMX team enjoying the campsite during their road trip

Malcolm Peters hurt his hand just a couple of days into the trip, leaving 3 of the 6 guys able to ride. Murray Loubser found himself having to get his frame welded two days in. Buddy Chellan found a crack in his bars and had to get that sorted. Basically everything that could go wrong did and resulted in the trip being dubbed Murphy after Murphy’s Law.

In the end the riders made the best of the situation and managed put together this banger of a clip, showing what BMX is all about.

Video by Kevin Schnider.

Photo Gallery:

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