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Sunday , 20 September 2020
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Tattoo Harbour Online Store | Alternative Lifestyle Brand

Founded in 2018, Tattoo Harbour was formed as an online directory for tattoo artists with the mission of promoting the work and skills of the best tattoo artists South Africa has on offer. Now, Tattoo Harbour, has evolved into an alternative lifestyle brand, with bright and bold tattoo flash-inspired designs.

Introducing the Tattoo Harbour Online Store and Alternative Lifestyle Brand

The launch of their Online Store focuses on tattoo merchandise and offers local tattoo artists an opportunity to submit their designs. All garments are sourced locally, in Cape Town, printed and shipped to clients – all for the love of tattooing and an alternative lifestyle.

Shop the Tattoo Harbour online store

Shop the Online Store here –

…Scope some of Tattoo Harbour’s latest garments below…

Daniel Feinberg – Hannya and Tattoo Harbour – Ship Hoodies
R600.00 each.
Tattoo Harbour Hoodies

Tattoo Harbour – Skull and Weskuswolf – Oya Sweaters
R500.00 each.
Tattoo Harbour Sweaters

Ditadeadbeat – Cat Trip and Kaptain Cade – Protea T-Shirts
R300.00 each.
Tattoo Harbour T-Shirts

Enter the Tattoo harbour Online StoreTattoo Harbour Logo

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