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Surfer Profile Joshe Faulkner

Joshe Faulkner is a hot young goofy-footed surfer from Jeffreys Bay who has forged a very solid amateur record in the sport in South Africa. He has a impressive list of results behind him, with his best being a 6th place at the ISA World Junior Surfing Champs in 2014, and most recently a 1st place at the 2015 SA U20 Champs.

Joshe Faulkner surfing in the 2016 Billabong Junior Series

Growing up in JBay means that Joshe grew up surfing the long and perfect waves of Supertubes and The Point, which meant that he developed a strong backhand approach to his surfing, stronger than many of his peers. He developed a powerful backhand hook, and showed himself to be confident in the tube on his backhand, another skill that befalls all goofy-footers who grow up in JBay.

To change things up however, Joshe spent time working on his forehand by surfing all the lefts in the area whenever he could. Where are the lefts in JBay? Well, there aren’t many, and they mainly come to life during the summer months, when the winter swells are gone.

The beachbreak at Magnatubes throws a few good little lefts if and when the sand lines up, and it is the sort of wave that you can catch hundreds of little ramps in one session. Further across, there is that fun little left that you can surf off Boneyards on the right conditions and at the right tide.

Joshe Faulkner surfing in competition with style

There’s another little left there but it’s location is a ‘secret’ so we can’t go about publishing it, but it is one of the places that Joshe enjoys surfing and pushing his performance levels and finally there is the good old Kitchen Windows, at the bottom end of town. Joshe has spent many long afternoons catching the lefts off the peak, working on his moves, perfecting his forehand airs and rail-grabs.

Joshe is also a determined competitor and likes nothing better than to compete against, and beat, surfers that are more highly regarded than himself.

To see the man surfing, check out his entry into the 2015 JBU Supertrial.

For his World Surf League profile click here.

Photos by Ian Thurtell

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