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Saturday , 19 October 2019
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Snacking Barcelona Video and Interview

Brandon Blight and Werner Hendrich recently spent 25 days in Barcelona, Spain. Now, for any BMX rider, Barcelona is the dream street spot location to ride! The result of this trip is captured in this sweet split video part entitle Snacking Barcelona.
Watch it here and see what both riders had to say in our interview with them below.

Shout-out to Vans South Africa for making this trip possible.

Tell us how the trip to Barcelona came about?
Werner: Myself and Brandon always spoke about going on an international trip together. Our first idea was the US but it ended up working out way to expensive. A couple of weeks went past, and one day we were randomly looking at tickets to Barcelona and found a dirt-cheap deal. Right there and then we booked it without checking how the weather would be or working out a budget!

Know as a dream location for any rider, did it meet your expectations?
Brandon: Yes, Barcelona is known as the best destination for any street rider. As a kid you heard pro’s talking about how insane that place was, but you don’t expect to see such perfect spots. It’s crazy, you will pass about five good spots on the way to the actual spot.

Brandon Blight and Werner Hendrich riding BMX street for their video part entitle Snacking Barcelona

How would you best sum up the riding spots and opportunities in Barcelona?
Werner: I always knew Barcelona had some rad spots from seeing it in edits, but never could imagine that the amount of spots would be that crazy. You can literally go for a cruise down the street and most likely find something decent to ride. Spots definitely are endless over there.

You hurt yourself 5 days into the trip. How did this effect the trip and ultimately filming for this edit?
Brandon: Yeah, I ended up taking a slam on the hop into the steel banks. I got a little too excited, hopped a little too high and my back wheel caught the top, ended up tire sliding and slamming over the bars. I hurt my knee and only later in the day realized my wrist was messed up too. I think it is actually fractured [laughs]. It definitely affected the trip in terms of filming. We planned on doing personal edits, but with me not getting enough footage, we decided it would be cool to do a split edit, which I think worked better in the end.

Shoutout to Vans South Africa for supporting BMX

Snacking. How did you guys come up with that?
Brandon: Werner and myself laughed at how little the portions of food were when we ate out, and said it was more of a snack than actual food. We ended up snacking most of the time. So we thought it was a fitting name for our trip video.

What were some of your highlights of the trip?
Werner: Our friend from Malaga met up with us and showed us the ins and outs of the city, which really helped. We also met a rider from Sweden that took us to to a lot of rad spots. In the process I also met my dream girl just to add extra bonus.

Brandon Blight BMX sessions in Barcelona Spain for Snacking Barcelona

What were some of the weird encounters your guys had over there?
Werner: We thought we were eating chicken all the time but meanwhile it was turkey. Also getting lost in the subway with no battery on the phone for GPS was quite interesting.

Which segment of the edit is your favorite?
Werner: I really enjoy the outro because it kind of shows how messed up we felt at the end of our trip. Just super tired and beat up while still having a blast!

Which trick / line was the hardest to nail?
Brandon: Oh man [laughs]. I usually end up taking long while filming but the clip that took the longest was the wall-ride and quick manual 180 off the ledge. The heat was ridiculous and I remember sweating so much that I had to swop t-shirts after about two hours of trying to get the line. Werner was a solid gent and kept me motivated to get the clip. At the end it took just short of three hours [laughs].

Filming BMX in Spain for Snacking Barcelona

Now that the edit is live, explain the feeling of accomplishment?
Brandon: I wouldn’t say its a sense of accomplishment that the edit is done, but a sense of happiness that I got to tick off something that I’ve dreamt about since I was young.

Any shout-outs?
Brandon: A very big thank you to Warren Talbot and Vans South Africa for making this trip possible, and for making BMX Rad. Also thank you to LW Mag for always promoting and supporting BMX.

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