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Tuesday , 12 November 2019
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Silver Cord Surf Leash

The leash is a crucial part when it comes to surfing gear, and yet the past few years have hardly seen any developments or improvements in that department, this, while big leaps have been taken in board design, wetsuits and board shorts and the like.
Until now… Is this the world’s safest surf leash?

Is the Silver Cord the world’s safest surf leash

The Silver Cord, is a revolutionary new surfboard leash home grown in Cape Town. It is the brainchild of Craig Drysdale who, much like your average weekend warrior, doesn’t always get time to surf as family, work and other priorities get in the way. When he does get in the water though, he’s always amped. Amped to have a good time, but be safe too.

Is the Silver Cord the world’s safest surfing leash

Says Drysdale of the day the idea was first born: “I have always been a surfer at heart, even after I had a bit of a break then, some time last year, I was persuaded to go for a surf at a fun, reef break in South Africa. It was only four-foot, but on the very first wave I got battered rather badly. Due to my lack of fitness, I had put myself in a rather compromised position. The very first thing that went through my mind was ‘please don’t let the leash snap.’ Fortunately, it didn’t, but the experience sparked an idea to create a leash that is fully functional by normal industry standards, but with an element of back-up safety built in.”

The Silver Cord surfing leash is here

The Silver Cord’s three main features then are:

1. Inner cord
The leash is hollow. Within the leash is a cord that has a breaking strength that is greater than the leash. The leash is fully functional, but when it breaks, the inner cord, the ‘Silver Cord,’ then stays intact and allows the surfer to retain his or her surfboard. The inner cord works much like a safety parachute. Should a skydiver’s parachute fail, then the second parachute, the safety or reserve parachute, is deployed.

2. Bail Safe Device
Should a surfer want to be disconnected from the surfboard in extreme conditions, after a big wipe-out, strong currents, or as a result of entanglement, there is a unique quick-release pin that will immediately disconnect the surfer and the leash.

3. Interchangeable components
The cuff, the leash and the rail saver – are all interchangeable. Should your leash break, a simple screw system will allow you to replace the broken component (the leash) to the existing ankle cuff and rail saver. Similarly, should the surf be much bigger than anticipated, you can simply replace the leash component with a longer and thicker leash, utilising the existing rail saver and cuff. Components will be sold in packs or individually, and this will cut down on leash costs going forward.

Silver Cord will be available at leading retailers and online from October. Price should be inline with international premium components.

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