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Friday , 21 February 2020
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Home » Sports » Mountainbiking » Ruler of the Week – Tom Isted Talks Audi Nines 2019

Ruler of the Week – Tom Isted Talks Audi Nines 2019

Tom Isted put it all on the line at The Audi Nines 2019, wowing his fellow riders, the judges and fans, over and over again. Stylish Slopestyle and Freeride runs, massive tricks, and ridiculously high airs were sent non-stop by the Brit. Tom also landed a world first Double Barrel Roll on a mountain bike, on his first attempt to say the least, and scored the Highest Air off the “perfect hip” jump.
At the gala evening, Tom was presented the prestigious Ruler of the Week award.
We caught up with Tom to get his thoughts on his first ever appearance at Audi Nines. Here’s what he had to say.

Interview with Audi Nines 2019 Ruler of the Week, Tom IstedTom’s World First Double Barrel Roll

Take us through your week at Audi Nines?
This was my first year at Audi Nines and I’ve been able to try a few tricks that I’ve had on my trick list for the last three years. It’s been an insane week, the vibe’s incredible and everyone who works here is amazing. The course is insane, Clemens (Kaudela) and Sam (Reynolds) have done an insane job building. It was a dream come true to be able to be there and compete with all the boys, so couldn’t be happier.

What were your first impressions of the course?
My first thought when I saw that course was “I would not want to be in the digger building the course”. There’s 200ft cliffs right next to the side of landings and you know that Clemens and Sam were in machines there – God couldn’t pay me enough money to be there. How they’ve made it look is incredible and they’ve done an insane job. The big hip at the bottom is just a piece of artwork, its amazing.

We interview Audi Nines Slopestyle MTB rider, Tom Isted
We interview Audi Nines Slopestyle Mountain Bike rider, Tom Isted

Which is you favourite feature, and why?
Definitely the big hip at the bottom. You can go with no brakes from the top of the roll-in, al the way to into the lip, and just go as high as you physically want, which is just incredible.

Take us through your bike and setup for this year’s event?
Well I used two bikes. I’ve got my GT La Bomba jump bike, which is a standard jump bike, rigid, hardtail, 26” wheels, pretty stock, nothing crazy just got the mechanical gyro in there. My downhill bike is a GT Fury in a medium and the suspension is setup as hard as I can physically get it to go.

Bike check with Tom Isted's Audi Nines big bike
We interview Audi Nines Freeride MTB rider, Tom IstedPulling out of a Double Backflip Attempt

Take us through your Audi Nines dream run?
A Truck off the little table at the top, Backflip off the flat drop, Cork 7 off the next jump, Backflip Tailwhip over he step-down, and a Double Flip on the last jump.

What tricks impressed you the most?
Anything the Emil (Johansson) or Erik (Fedko) or Nicholi (Rogatkin) did. The combos, Barspins to Tailwhips. Nicholi spinning and doing a 1440 on the big air jump, the only guy on two wheels managing to do that, it bogles my mind.

We interview Audi Nines Freeride Mountain Bike rider, Tom IstedTom’s Highest Air of 7.1 Meters above the Takeoff of the Perfect Hip

How would you best sum up Audi Nines in one sentence?
A one week session with the boys, with the best filmers on the best course imaginable.

You walked away crowned the Ruler of the Week, as well as claimed the Highest Air award. What does this mean to you?
I was over the moon to be crowned Ruler of the Week, and the winner of Highest Air. I didn’t think I’d be able to that on my first appearance at Audi Nines but somehow I pulled it off.

Tom Isted sending at with the other Audi Nines riders

Photos by Audi Nines / Markus Fischer, Syo van Vliet, Ryan Franklin and Klaus Polzer.

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