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Sunday , 8 December 2019
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Home » Sports » Round 5 Review of JONWAY Scooter101 Championship Series

Round 5 Review of JONWAY Scooter101 Championship Series

Round 5 Review of JONWAY Scooter101 Championship Series 

As always the day started with everyone scuffling around trying to find the best spot to erect their gazebos and setup their awesome pit areas. Once again the pits looked amazing and super factory. Jonway team were there super early this time and had the entire team showing off their new scoots from the Elnino’s to the Ballistic Nakeds that were super tricked out in team sticker kits and racing tyres. Sava were there in force selling tyres and made the one section of the pits extremely green! PRD guys must have slept at the track because when I arrived the entire team were chilling behind their scoots, feet up sipping on some warm coffee.

Once again Scooter101 brought the vibe and with the Monster Energy banging the beats from the Monster truck everyone knew that 101 were making a statement! We are the biggest and best Scooter Racing Series IN THE WORLD! OK maybe all of Africa only but still sounds awesome! Malossi unpacked and setup next to Monster and just brightened up the pits with the yellow, orange and day glow red scoots and race shirts. You can’t miss them, and if you do I think you need your eyes checked!

Once all was setup and the guys were ready to put the rubber down the days schedule changed a bit with all the junior Mini Motos going first so that they could go home by lunch time, and in my mind it was great to get those dinky toys out the way so the big boys could show the crowd what real racing is.

Free practice for Stock and Open Class went smoothly and no one ate the tar…for about two minutes, until Cheyne Hershal with his brand new Gilera with all the imported trick bits and bobs found out his new scooter is just a tiny bit stronger than his PGO and opened the throttle and noticed his back wheel over taking him and high-siding him straight off onto his shoulder. He was in some serious pain but I think we were more shocked with the state of his beautiful scooter that was stickered up by 101’s sponsor Bandit Signs. He said it’s nothing to worry about and it’s an easy fix. We believe him and hope to see him and the scoot at Round 6.

Qualifying started later that morning and with the temp heating up the guys found their rhythm and started putting down some serious times. We definitely saw some serious modifications to the scooters in Open Class  from the Sava team rider Dean Wheeler and a few others. The guys are really settling in and starting to experiment with weight reduction, frame stiffening, fuels, tyres and so much more which is making for some amazing racing to watch and the most competitive in South Africa!

Heat 1, 2 & 3 in Stock Class was almost a mirror image of the next as Jaco Joubert from Doc Bikes & Scoot took 1st, Clinton Achadinha from Malossi & 101 took 2nd and Louw du Toit from Malossi took 3rd all day, with a few drifting slides here and there from Clinton and a small battle happening mid-pack with myself and the Jonway boys. The Jonway C5300 took 1st & 3rd after Clinton’s C5 ran out of fuel on heat 2. With consistent racing, Clinton has pushed himself into 2nd place overall standings for the championship and final points are:  Louw Du Toit 250 – Clinton Achadinha 202  – Jaco Joubert 201 – Shannon Anderson 115  – Dean Wheeler 92

Heat 1,2 & 3 in Open Class was a totally different story. With the temp heating up and the riders heating up we had some entertainment on and off the track. Once all was calm and the riders and teams decided to focus more on the racing they pulled some crazy shit out of the bag and we saw the best racing in the series since 2007! Dean Wheeler was pushing super hard and his new monster of a scoot put down the lap record of 35.895 at The Rock Raceway, clenching him 1st for all 3 heats! Eric Flowerday and Jeremy Pincus had a battle through all 3 heats and really enjoyed themselves and it was great to see some of the oldest against the youngest. In 4th and 5th in heat 3 we had one epic battle on our hands with the SA Superbike champ Greg Gildenhuys and Clinton Achadinha fighting it out with some epic racing – both rode to the max and had one photo finish with Greg taking 4th. The total day’s standing was Dean in 1st, Eric 2nd and Greg 3rd. What an amazing day with Do It Now Magazine pumping the tunes to get the riders pumped for their next race and Monster Energy keeping the energy levels up, everyone had a jol and we all can’t wait for ROUND 6 at Vereeniging Kart Circuit on the 1st September.

Open Class Points standing are as follows: 

Erick Flowerday 279 – Dean Wheeler 214 – Jeremy Pincus 189 Louw Du Toit – Jim Pinder 123 – Shannon Tarr 119 – Clinton Achadinha 104 – Derek Macdougall                 70 – Brad Mann       64 – Mark Phillips 58

A HUGE shout out to all the sponsors that make SCOOTER 101 happen: Jonway Motorcycles, Monster Energy Drink, Malossi, Novik Gloves, Do It Now Magazine, LW Mag , Bandit Signs and DC Shoes

Words: Brannigan Achadinha

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