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Monday , 18 November 2019
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Rolling Retro Reggae Revival

Surfers and their families and friends arrived early on to a calm and glassy Llandudno for the 2018 Rolling Retro surfing event. With this year’s theme being Reggae Revival, the beach filled to capacity and a record number of entries, it was guaranteed to be a good day out.

I was the Loggers sent out for the first few heats. This was the first time there were stand alone Log heats, all surfed on ancient browning pieces of history and most shaped by the legendary, John Whitmore. Young stars like Dylan Swindale and Steven Sawyer gave the crowd a show on style and class and many of the Western Province longboarders joined the party. Long time Rolling Retro standout, Michael Grendon, was his usual flamboyant self, but his main show was still to come.

A packed beach from the Rolling Retro Reggae Revival surfing event
Surfing skills showcased at Rolling Retro Reggae Revival

Next up the frothing groms and very excited lady surfers were out in the lineup and the swell started to fill in slowly but surely. Billabong team riders, Tarryn Chudleigh and Summer Sutton were amongst the ladies and putting on a show for the building crowd on the beach. By now the entries were full and a few late comers were ruing the fact, as they watched others slowly taking their pick from Robby’s, Vudu Surf collection and making their way into the ever improving lineup.

Review from the 2018 Rolling Retro surfing event
Surfing action from Rolling Retro 2018

By the time the final two heats of the day rolled in, so had the 20 second swell period and the waves were starting to look crazy! As Red Bull’s, DJ Analogue started up the live Reggae MC’ing the waves turned on and the crowd started going crazy. Local Vudu team rider, Rob Tweddle had a few nuggets and was very impressive, but it was another local surfer really pushing the performance envelope in the 2nd last heat. Jacques Smit had a couple of bombs and sealed the Surfer of the Event award with an absolutely incredible backhand barrel to floater combo.

Barel surfing from Rolling Retro Reggae Revival 2018
Rolling Retro Reggae Revival surfing event from Llandudno Beach

The final heat was loaded to the hilt with stars, like Shane Sykes, Max Elkington, Brandon Benjamin, Steven Sawyer, Matt Bromley, Adin Masencamp and defending best surfer, Dale Staples. Joining them were some of the best locals such as Luke Slijpen, Ike Forsyth and Josh Brodie, all of whom were once again standouts at their local break. It was, however, the retro entertainer himself, Michael Grendon, who stole the show in heaving waves on an old John Whitmore Log. He had the crowd in awe, the other surfers in fear and showed no fear as he charged into the biggest sets of the day, earning the Best Logger Title. Josh Brodie kept the locals happy with the Best Tube of the day, for a long drain pipe and Ike Forsyth and his lovely lady took the best dressed award as a couple. Young Kommetjie surfer, York van Jaarsveldt held his own against the big boys to be the standout Grom for the day.

Photos by Ian Thurtell.

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