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Tuesday , 22 October 2019
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Movida Vintage PinUp Live Model Shoot Party

Movida nightclub played host to our Vintage PinUp Live Model Shoot Party which saw guests party the night away while experiencing one of our live models shoots. DJ Lisa Jane kicked the night off with good vibes while prizes from Dickies were given out throughout the night.

South African babes Lee-Anne Mansour (brunette) and Kelly Hohls (blonde) brought the sexiness and braved the stage in front of hundreds, posing for the camera. The result is an awesomely hot look and feel from a dark, smoky and strobe-lighted set. We spoke to Lee-Anne and Kelly after the party to get their thoughts on the night and more, see what they had to say. (in case you’re wondering.

South African babes Lee-Anne and Kelly at our Live model shoot party
Give us some insight into who you are and what your likes and dislikes are?
Lee-Anne: I am actually extremely shy when you first meet me but once I feel comfortable about a person or in front of people and the camera, I am a bit crazy and wild. Likes: Fitness, socialising, intelligence, strength and motivating people. Dislikes: Violence/abuse, politics, insecurities, two-faced people, shallowness and narrow-Minded people.
Kelly: I am a fun living girl. Love all people young and old and every type of animal. I am a very social and positive girl. I dislike negative people and anyone capable of hurting an animal.

What did you think of the live model shoot at Movida?
Lee-Anne: The photographer was very professional and friendly. I also enjoyed meeting and getting to know the other models and getting involved with the crowd.
Kelly: It was fun.

Babe Lee-Anne Mansour posing at our live model shoot party

“I am very spontaneous and adventurous and I love trying out new things, so I would be open to anything that is fun”

What was your favourite part of the shoot?
Lee-Anne: Making memories that will last me a lifetime.
Kelly: Getting paid [Laughs]

How did you feel posing for the camera in front of not only the camera man and crew but a jam packed nightclub?
Lee-Anne: I liked the fact that the shoot was so different to an ordinary photo shoot, the vibe in the club was so alive that it made it a more natural shoot and not so staged.
Kelly: Quite nervous but got used to it, so not bad at all.

Babe Kelly Hohls posing at our live model shoot party

“I would expect you to behave like a gentleman and spoil me rotten”

How would you explain the vibe of the shoot and the nightclub?
Lee-Anne: Movida is always buzzing with party goers and it is certainly the ultimate destination for a good night out, it’s warm and inviting.
Kelly: It was a very good vibe.

Once the shoot was done, what did you get up to?
Lee-Anne: I went down to the dance floor to shake my booty, socialised and had an unforgettable night of fun.
Kelly: Myself and Lee-Anne stayed for a while after and enjoyed the party.

South African girls during our live model shoot at Movida
Do you consider yourself a party animal?
Lee-Anne: I would consider myself a very sociable person who enjoys lively social activities. A sociable person who loves shaking my booty, fun loving, sun-sharing party girl. I do however keep my dignity high.
Kelly: Yes of course. I am always up for an evening of fun.

What would your ultimate party consist of?
Lee-Anne: My ultimate party would have to consist of a unique and unmistakable ambiance, good music, great people, the venue would need to catch my attention and be inviting and comfy, and of course good company is a definite must.
Kelly: A day party in the sun on a beautiful beach with a brilliant DJ.

Vintage Pinup live model shoot at Movida with some of SA's sexiest babes
When it comes to the opposite sex, what do you look for and what turns you on?
Lee-Anne: Gosh…what a question! I have learned that it’s not only about looks, but more about a heart. I look for understanding, trust and someone that can be my best friend and companion to stand by and support, and above all love unconditionally. There is nothing sexier than a man who can appreciate and keep up with a strong woman but at the same time look after her.
Kelly: Confidence and respect.

If we had to take you out on a date, what would you expect from us?
Lee-Anne: I am very spontaneous and adventurous and I love trying out new things, so I would be open to anything that is fun.
Kelly: I would expect you to behave like a gentleman and spoil me rotten.

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