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Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Home » Sports » Michael February Nothing Much Edit and Interview | Surfing

Michael February Nothing Much Edit and Interview | Surfing

Michael February has become a household name in South African Surfing with his constant high finishes in both local and international competitions. Michael and friend/ AFDA Student, Tao Farren managed to get some free time on their hands and decided to hit some of Cape Town’s hot spots and film this pretty damn cool edit “Nothing Much” – Watch it here and check out our interview with Michael about it:

Nothing Much? from Tao Farren-Hefer on Vimeo.

What made you put the “Nothing Much?” Video together?
Well because of contests and that I have been away a lot lately, Tao is also busy with his 3rd year at AFDA and we saw that we both had some free time so we went and shot a couple sessions and decided to make an edit.

Filmed completely in Cape Town, which breaks/ locations did you film at?
We shot on a small day at Llandudno and Sandy Bay, Fun Glen Beach and a good day at Dunes.

Which is your favourite break to surf in Cape Town?
Dunes when it is on is by far my favourite.

What is your favourite part of the video an why?
[Laughs] Probably the naked guy running on the beach , still can’t get over how funny it was sitting in the water seeing this naked guy run from one side of the beach to the other trying to stop his dog from attacking another.

Which new tricks are you working on?
Double Grab, Kurrupt  Air Reverse… sooo hard!

For those non surfers, explain the feeling of being in the barrel of a wave?
[Laughs] That’s so hard to explain. Time stands still when you are in a barrel , but it’s so hard to remember everything about it afterwards.

You have been doing constantly well at the comps that have already gone down this year. Explain to us what your perfect point ride would consist of?
All depends on what wave you are surfing but a ten point ride for a barrel would feel pretty good.

What upcoming local and international comps will you be competing in this year?
I am leaving for South America this weekend for a few WQS events that I am amped for and I have SA Senior Championships when I get back in Durban as well .

What results are you hoping to have by the end of 2013?
I am really aiming at getting as many WQS points as possible so that I can go into next year with a good WQS ranking.

Who are you sponsored by?
Quiksilver, DC shoes, Nixon, Ocean & Earth, Future fins and Hutchison Handcrafted.

Follow Michael February on Twitter here.

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