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Wednesday , 10 August 2022
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LW Babe of the Week Athena

Come across a photo of Athena Jayne and there is no doubt you will look more than once. Featured as our LW Babe of the Week, Athena is the perfect example of mouth-wateringly hot South African babes. Although she has a completely different side to her than what is portrayed in her amazingly sexy photos. Find out more in our interview with the down to earth model.

Introducing our LW Babe of the Week Athena Jayne
Full name: Athena Jayne

Nickname: Jayni, Snoopy

Age: 27

Hometown: Worcester

Day job: Model/Actress/Business Owner

Phobias: Crowds/Clubs

Claim to fame: Model/Actress/Self proclaimed social media blogger

Meet the gorgeaos South African babe Athena
Welcome to LW Mag Athena, tell us a bit about yourself?
Everything you see on my social media platform like Facebook, my photographs, etc is pretty much the opposite of who I really am. I’m introverted, anxious and I don’t enjoy crowds. My favourite place to be is at home. I feel extremely comfortable and confident expressing myself in front of the camera whether it be modeling or acting, but in real life or one on one scenarios, I am very self conscious. I don’t go about things in a big group of friends, I go about things quietly on my own, in my own quiet, dreamy world . I dream a lot and I work towards making my dreams come true. I fully believe in the power of my mind and I like to stay focused on what I want to achieve. Things either do not interest or phase me at all, or I am extremely passionate about something.  I am extremely passionate about the feelings of others. I’m very much in tune with other people’s feelings, especially children. I have a very deep love for children. I love doing anything creative, writing, transforming something, decorating, cooking, creating something that looks, sounds, smells or tastes beautiful. Those are my passions. That and being the best, most honest person I can be. My biggest turn offs are vulgar, manipulative, cruel, deceitful people. People with bad intentions.

How do you think Cape Town girls differ from the rest of the country?
I’ve never really lived in any other part of the country for very long other than the town I grew up in. I would say Cape Town girls are lovely. However the girls in smaller towns like the one I grew up in, seem to stay sheltered from certain things for longer. They are somewhat more down to earth and less competitive. Their values are different and so are the things on which they place importance.

Blondes have more fun – what’s your take on this?
I personally think brunettes are more sexy than blondes, but blondes just stand out more, they get noticed first.

Athena flaunting her South African babes beauty
If you had the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary, what would it be and why?
I would want to be Angelina Jolie for a day and be able to visit refugee camps around the world and make a difference in at least one child’s life.

Which 4 celebrities would you take with you?
Angelina Jolie – To give me guidance. Ellen Degenerous  – To give us laughter.  Oprah Winfrey – To give us hope. Barack Obama – To open his eyes.

What does a weekend in the life of Athena consist of?
Most weekends I am filming, otherwise I am at home, taking it very easy, making dinners with friends, sleeping late, watching movies, never really partying much.

Athena flaunting her South African girls beauty

“Beauty truly does come from within. As beautiful as you are, there is nothing more sexy that adds to that, than a genuine, loving sexy smile”

Explain some of your pet peeves?
Strangers who try to make conversation in the street. People who undermine my intelligence. Lying. People who can’t mind their own business.

What do you do to keep your body in such good shape?
Mostly with a good, low carb diet. I honestly do not exercise as much as I should.

If you have it flaunt it – how often do you flaunt it and has it ever gotten you into any awkward situations?
Again the opposite to what you might think. I’m a swimwear/ lingerie model. My photos show that. When I go out, I dress like a lady. I love beautiful, tailored clothes. I’m not into bright colours. I like suits, monochromes, neutrals, tights and good knits.

Athena flaunting her SA babes beauty
Have your good looks ever worked to your advantage?
…or I wouldn’t be in this business.

Tell us one of your sexy secrets?
Beauty truly does come from within. As beautiful as you are, there is nothing more sexy that adds to that, than a genuine, loving sexy smile.

What do you strive for in life?
Love and Tranquillity.

LW Babe of the Week, the gorgeous Athena

Finish these sentences:

“I’m just a girl looking for…”

“My ultimate highlight has been…”
you, my Love.

“The top 5 things on my bucket list are…”
Cover SA Swimsuit. Cover World Lingerie. Flourish my business. Get a Lead role in a Hollywood production. Make my man the happiest man alive

“My sexiest outfit consists of…”
My Hunter boots.

“You’ll know I’m in the mood when…”
Oh you’ll know.

Photos by Ben Shooting

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