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Tuesday , 23 July 2019
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LW Babe Paula Millar

The gorgeous Cape Town based Paula Millar is our featured LW Babe of the Week. Meet the fun loving belter in our interview below.
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Meet our LW Babe of the Week Paula Millar

Full name:  Paula Robyn Millar

Nickname: Pau / paw paw

Age: 25

Hometown: Zimbabwe

Day job: Personal assistant

Likes: Fashion, art and comedy

Dislikes: fake people

Special talents: I can make a clover shape with my tongue

Our South African Girls feature with Paula Millar

What 5 words best describe your personality?
Fun, energetic, hilarious, loving and goofy.

What is your dream job?
To open my own health café.

If you could be any one person for a day to experience life in their shoes, who would it be and why?
Most defiantly Gordon Ramsay! I mean come on, he is the most talented award winning chef with all his great shows, damn I wish I could cook like him. I’m such a foodie, so being in his shoes for a day, eating lots of food, I would be in my element. Plus, I won’t lie, I love his crazy personality, who doesn’t want to be called an idiot sandwich.

Our SA Babes feature with Paula Millar

What is your favorite part about being in front of the camera? 
Well, I’m quite shy. I mean I love putting on a different persona when I’m shooting, it makes me feel so confident and gives me the boost I need.

What do you like to do for fun?
I’m like any other girl, I love the beach, going for lunch, hikes and clubbing being around mates.

What are your pros and cons of being a Cape Town girl?
Pros – Coming from Zim to this beautiful city there is so much. There is so much to see and do and I’m always keeping busy. From the gorgeous trails and mountains to the night life!
Cons – At first I found that it was hard to make friends with CT people as they love to keep in there clicks/ groups, but I have made some great friends here. It’s just sad that there is so much gossip and rumours that go around everyday.

Our South African Babes feature with Paula Millar

What does a day in the life of Paula usually consist of?
Nothing fancy. I love gym so gymming in the morning to going to work after which is mostly a lot of driving and doing things with the kids, so I’m always active. But I always sneak in a glass of wine when I can!

What is your definition of sex appeal?
A man with a sexy beard, charming as hell, must be able to hold a great conversation and have a little comedy in his life.

What type of guy grabs your attention?
A guy with confidence. The guy doesn’t even need to be good looking if he can pull off being confident and can create a spark that leaves me with butterflies and a little curious for more, I’m happy.

Our SA Girls feature with Paula Millar

Tell us about one of the best dates you’ve ever been on?
Hmm… well I have been to some really great restaurants but to me it’s more personal. My ex went all out on Valentine’s Day, I love a guy that can cook so he made such a gorgeous table setting with fairy lights to roses you name it. He made all my favorite food and played all my favorite love songs. It was truly magical looking out at the stars. I felt very happy and spoilt.

Flirting, how should it be done?
[Laughs] I love it when guys come up with there silly pick-up-lines. Most girls hate it but I think they’re so funny you can’t help but laugh… “did you sit on a pile of sugar, because dam you have a pretty sweet ass”, “excuse me is your name earl grey? Because you look like hot tea?”. I mean they so funny, I love hearing them. So to all the men out there, keep sending your pick-up-lines this way.

What’s your take on – Hipsters, tattoos, Jocks?
Hipsters are cool, like I said I love beards – neat ones of course. Who doesn’t love a guy who has that rugged look, but pitch up on a date with me with no shoes and I’m out.
Tattoos are so sexy. Sleeves are really hot but the whole thing when you get old and them arms become flappy, it becomes really gross so best they keep in shape.
Jocks have always been hot. We all watch those high school movies and of the girl who lands up with a jock…and want to be them.

Paula Millar feature as our LW Babe

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention?

Playtime? Clubbing / being naughty.

Sexy? Ruby Rose.

Life hacks? Have saved my life.

Social media? Taking over my life.

Real? People who are down to earth.

Life? Don’t judge my story on the chapter you walked in on.

Photos by Renier van der Westhuizen.

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