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Thursday , 19 September 2019
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LW Babe Nastassja Moller

Damn, are we happy we stumbled across Nastassja Moller! Not only is she an absolute belter, she also enjoys an ice cold beer once in a while – a girl after our own hearts. Meet her as this week’s LW Babe of the Week.

Meet Nastassja Moller as this week's LW Babe

Full name: Nastassja Moller

Nickname:Stash / Stassja

Age:  23

Hometown: Hermanus

Day job: Swimming Instructor

Likes: Music, video games, long drives, food, animals, and cold beer

Dislikes: Driving slowly, arrogance, racism, and disrespectful people

Special talent: Balancing a drink on my head while dancing (it’s my party trick). Also, I can make friends nearly anywhere.

Our South African Babes feature with Nastassja Moller

Give us a quick introduction to Nastassja?
I am Afrikaans-speaking, and have been living in Cape Town for more than two years now. I moved around a lot growing up, which helped make me who I am today. I am outgoing, friendly, a little bit crazy, super understanding and caring, and mostly relaxed and easy-going.

What have been some of the highlights of your life so far?
Wow, quite a few! Aside from me moving so much, living in Zambia for a year was a great experience, as was winning a bikini calendar shoot in Mozambique. I took it easy in Hermanus for a few years, made some incredible memories with unforgettable friends, until I finally made the big decision to move to Cape Town, where it feels like my life has only just begun.

How would you best sum up your start to 2019?
Positive, relaxed, and exciting.

Our SA Babes feature with Nastassja Moller

What are you looking forward to most this year? 
I am looking forward to all the growth and challenges. After all, they are what push us in the direction we are destined to go.

What excites you?
Life, love, definitely food, fast cars, seeing people be kind and generous towards each other, helping where I can, pulling silly faces whenever a child looks at me, but mostly an ice cold beer once in a while.

What did you enjoy most about your shoot with Shaun (Epix Shoots)? 
His character. He made me feel really comfortable while shooting with him, and he made it really fun, especially in the beginning when he tried to show me the poses he wanted me to do. I would definitely love to work with him again.

Our South African Girls feature with Nastassja Moller

What can you never leave home without?
My top three are definitely my wallet, my phone (obviously), and my container for my contact lenses. You never know if I might sleep over.

What view would you most like to have out of your bedroom window?
If I could see the sunset everyday, that would be the perfect end to my day.

If you could instantly know how to speak another language, which language would it be? 
Japanese! I discovered anime when I was 9 and immediately fell in love. With time I learned more about the history and culture of Japan. My goal is to travel to Tokyo, learn more about their culture, enjoy some good ramen, and definitely take part in some cosplay.

Our SA Girls feature with Nastassja Moller

What does your ultimate getaway consist of?
Some quiet time off somewhere secluded, with lots of food, some video games, movies, and someone special.

What type of guy always gets your attention?
To be honest, not a lot of guys really catch my attention.

What is a sure-fire way to get your attention?
Getting my attention should happen naturally. I am only drawn to someone if I feel that I have a real connection with that person, so trying too hard to impress me won’t do anything for you. Just be yourself, and see what happens naturally.

Nastassja Moller features as our LW Babe of the Week

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Cape Town? A lot of acceptance for the differences that make us unique. I love it.

Night out? Pre-drinks with some good food, great company, and later on some awesome local DJs.

Night in? UberEats, cuddles, movies, sweat pants and turning your phone off.

Dreamy? Oysters. Definitely oysters, and maybe some new clothing.

Addictive? I’m not really addicted to anything, but I love an ice cold Pepsi.

Social? Instagram. You should follow me if you like @nastassj_moller.

Photos by Epix Shoots | Instagram.

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