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Tuesday , 4 August 2020
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LW Babe Lizandi Blignault

Just in time to bring some heat to these cold winter days, get to know Lizandi Blignault as this week’s LW Babe of the Week in her beach themed photo shoot.

Meet Lizandi Blignault as our LW Babe of the Week

Full name: Lizandi Blignault

Nickname: Liz and some people remember my name by remembering it sounds like lasagna

Age: 29

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia but been in Kempton Park for a few months now

Day job: Expeditor

Likes: Animals, good vibes, donuts or any sweets really, gym and healthy living

Dislikes: Bad vibes, grapefruit and clowns

Special talents: It’s probably not a special talent but I am double jointed

Our South African Babes feature with Lizandi Blignault

Give us a brief introduction to Lizandi?
I have been modelling since the age of 3, so it has been my “hobby” all my life. I am the youngest of four children and the only daughter so I can be a bit of a tomboy sometimes.

What inspires you?
People with a good vibe and positive outlook on life. I feed off other people’s energy.

What does a day in the life of Lizandi usually consist of?
I get up at 4am. My day includes two training sessions, work, lots of coffee (I love coffee) and social media – a lot of my work is on social media. I also eat about six times throughout the day.

Our SA Babes feature with Lizandi Blignault

You are obviously really good at keeping your body in perfect shape. How much discipline goes into you fitness lifestyle?
Thanks, I am very focused on my looks and my body. Doing modelling, I don’t really have an option. I have always been into training and eating pretty healthy to stay in shape but now even more so as I’m working towards accomplishing bigger fitness goals.
I have always trained but it got serious a year ago when I met my boyfriend who is a WBFF Pro. We have been training and dieting together and it has been more intense because I have started competing and I am working towards hopefully getting my pro card soon.

Which are some of your favourite workouts?
I absolutely hate Leg Day but I love working on my weakest points and the improvement is so worth the pain.

Which part of your body do you enjoy flaunting the most?
I love my shoulders. I never use to have them but they’re definitely my best and most defined body part.

Our South African Girls feature with Lizandi Blignault

How would you best sum up your beach inspired shoot with us for this feature?
I was so much fun. Super quick and professional.

In which scene did you feel the sexiest?
Probably in every scene because everyone made me feel so beautiful, commenting on every outfit and making me feel so special with every scene. It also helped a lot cause I was so bloated from water loading for a comp so I wasn’t feeling the best.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you?
Hmm… I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus. I don’t really announce it because I don’t want people to feel sorry for me.

Our SA Girls feature with Lizandi Blignault

Having lived in Australia for a number of years, how would you compare living there to living back South Africa?
I have been there for most of my life so it is home to me. It’s not that much different and lately there are so many South Africans that it feels just like here.

What are your pros and cons of living back in South Africa?
I have to speak a lot of Afrikaans because people are having a hard time understanding me with my accent. I haven’t moved back here, I’ll be going home soon but the best part is seeing my family.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Hopefully super famous somewhere in Australia.

Meet Lizandi Blignault as this week's LW Babe

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Downtime? Sleep or no gym.

Cheat meals? Donuts or dessert pizza.

Hypocrite? Mean people.

Sex appeal? Everything about my boyfriend.

Addiction? Fitness.

Winter? Freezing my butt off. It doesn’t get this cold back home.

Meet Lizandi Blignault in our South African babes feature

Photos by Hotlens Photographic.
Hair and make-up by Skulpted by kai – Facebook Instagram.
Venue: The Beach Rivonia – Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

Photo Gallery:

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