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Saturday , 23 February 2019
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LW Babe Jessica Enslin

Our kryptonite? Tattooed babes! Spend some time with the sexy Jessica Enslin as our LW Babe of the Week.

Meet our LW Babe of the Week, Jessica Enslin

Full name: Jessica marié Enslin

Nickname: Jess

Age: 26

Hometown: West Rand

Day job: Tattoo apprentice

Likes: Lots please [laughs]. Chilled time with my people, laughing, and any avo and feta combo

Dislikes: Empty wine bottles, but seriously I hate judgement, people who pretend, fakeness in general, people who go out their way to be ugly little souls. I also don’t like sugar

Special talents: Creating a positive atmosphere and, well I can swallow my tongue

Our South African Babes feature with Jessica Enslin

How would you best explain who Jessica Enslin is?
Different, genuine and real. You need to be alone for a little while and embrace it. Get to know yourself, and be true to that. Like I always say, wear it like armour so it can’t be used to hurt you (quote from game of thrones), in today’s world it’s so easy to get influenced by social media, and people, and things around you. I aspire to stay true to who I am, my personality, dreams and goals. Everything happens to you in your life to teach you something, even if it hurts. That’s how I grow, so I embrace my flaws and I hope others will too.

What era in history do you think best fits your personality?
I have quite a thing for 1950’s era, the fashion the sexiness. I think it will best suit my personality because things where a little less complicated with technology and so on.

What is your outlook on life?
That’s quite a question [laughs]. I like to be different, real. I’m very proud of who I am and still becoming. I think if you don’t get out of the box you grew up in you will never see how big the world is. My outlook is big, I love learning and experiencing new things, positivity is a big part of me. People shouldn’t be caged. You are your world so if you change, the world changes with you.

Our SA Babes feature with Jessica Enslin

If you could be any one thing for a day, what would it be and why? 
My moms king of a cat. He’s a Maine Coon, is spoiled and has a bad ass attitude.

Take us through a day in the life of Jessica?
My life is crazy at the moment. I love the excitement of not knowing what’s next. If I’m not working, I’m shooting or drawing. I hop around a lot so I have to plan things [laughs].

What excites you?
Art in all forms, whether poetry or theater. Photo shoots to express emotion. Obviously seeing my favourite people.

Our South African Girls feature with Jessica Enslin

In your opinion, which part of the body if the most painful to get tattooed?
It all depends on the person. My latest painful one was my hand, but lower back and calf are also eina.

How would you best explain the pain of getting tattooed?
Like getting burnt [laughs]. Sometimes linings are quite sharp, but some places are not as sensitive as others.

What type of guy does it for you?
Mmmm, well muscles is never a bad thing but as I have learned, looks honestly don’t mean shit. Green eyes and tattoos do it for me. Also a man, not a boy.

Our SA Girls feature with Jessica Enslin

What’s the first thing you take into consideration when meeting a guy?
What he says and talks about says a lot about him as a person and what type of human he is. His likes and dislikes, if he’s materialistic and so on.

Naughty or nice – explain?
Naughty, doesn’t need an explanation. I’d like to think I’m a nice person though [laughs].

Where do you see yourself in five years time?
Watching ballet in Venice and opera in St. Petersburg. I also want a pug [laughs].

Jessica Enslin features as this week's LW Babe

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention:

Alternative? A choice from the ordinary.

Music? Is life.

Sexy? Tall, green eyes, tattooed. Sexual energy and humour.

Turn on? Men, not boys.

Turn off? Childish grown ups.

Fetish? Does your life insurance know you like to be choked during sex?

Photos by Hedonistic Collection | Instagram.

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