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Josh Sheehan Talks Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria

Josh Sheehan is no stranger to South African Freestyle Motocross fans. He won Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria in 2014, taking the championship, and then broke the Internet in April this year by landing the world’s first ever Triple Backflip.
Sheehan is back, qualified in 4th for today’s X-Fighters final and ready to take on the worlds best. We caught up with the Australian rider to chat about the Triple and what we can expect from him today:

Josh Sheehan talks Freestyle Motocross and Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria
Give us a quick rundown of some of your highlights of your career?
First ever Triple Backflip, 2014 X-Fighters series winner. 2 X-Games bronze medals for best trick and quarter pipe.

You have written the history books by becoming the first person to land the Triple Backflip. Tell us just how much preparation went into that trick?
It started in 2013 with the trial of some airbags and ramps. Then I headed back to Travis’ 4 times during 2014 for a couple of weeks at a time to test a bunch of new ramp changes. We had to experiment with different radius and designs to get the right rotation. There were a lot of slams, burns, bruises, hits and knock-outs between Travis and I. A lot of effort on Travis’ behalf with testing new ramp changes while I wasn’t there.

What was going through your mind during the days leading up to the Triple Backflip attempt?
A lot of focus! Each day I treated every jump to the airbag as if it was the real thing. Each day got a little more stressed but at the same time I gained confidence with the more I did.

Exclusive interview with Josh Sheehan about Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria
Explain the feeling when you landed it?
It’s the most amazing feeling when a long plan finally comes together. It was a huge relief and a massive weight off the shoulders. It’s like I was on a cloud after that.

Do you ever think we will see the Triple Backflip landed in competition?
No. That ramp is 10m high with 82km/hr entry speed, so to put that setup in a comp is a massive task. Then to do other tricks, and have to focus on a trick that size, is just way too risky.

For those that don’t know, why did you miss the first round of the 2015 X-Fighters World Tour?
I had a contract with Nitro Circus and couldn’t miss out on a big show in Japan.

With no chance of defending your 2014 title, what are your goals for the remaining rounds of the tour?
I definitely want to better my last results, hopefully get some podiums. Try to get to 4th or 3rd for the overall.

Josh Sheehan talks FMX and Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria
What have your thoughts been on this year’s Red Bull X-Fighters courses, and which one suited your riding style the most?
They’ve been good fun this year. The courses in more of a track lay out have suited me I think, like Greece and this track in SA is good fun.

What are you hoping the course builders do different compared to last year’s Pretoria course?
That’s tough, last year was good. The soil is great but can be soft, so if the dirt hits hold together better then there’s not too much to fault.

With the progression of FMX, there is a fine line between landing new and innovative tricks and crashing out. Where do you draw that line?
Practice! We have to land the tricks at home and continue to practice in a safe environment to get consistent. If a crash doesn’t hurt too much then it’s worth risking, but if a crash is likely to end very badly then we only do it if we know we have it.

You’re the only rider on tour consistently landing the Double Backflip. How difficult is the trick and how often do you still practice it?
The trick scares me a lot. Madrid wasn’t so successful. I practice it all the time to the foam pit. Before competition I do a bunch every day into the pit.

Josh Sheehan ready to compete in Red Bull X-Fighters Pretoria 2015
What new tricks are you working on or planning to work on? Or is that a secret?
They are always a secret because if we don’t figure them out then we don’t want people to expect them! But, nothing much, just playing around with what might be possible.

What were you looking forward to most about coming back to South Africa and competing in the 4th stop of the tour?
The crowd here is amazing. It’s great to have such huge support when you’re competing.

Besides Pages, Moore and Sherwood, which other riders on the tour have become a threat?
David Rinaldo and Taka Higashino have a huge variety of tricks, so they are tough to beat.

Josh Sheehan perfecting his FMX tricks on the quarter pipe
Take us through an X-Fighters weekend, from practice, to planning your runs, to what goes through your mind when you are about to compete?
Practice happens over a couple of days, so we get a feel for what tricks work over what jumps and try to get as comfortable as possible. I try to stay relaxed and focus only on the competition when it’s on. I have to cycle or run and stretch, and sometimes get treatment because riding a few days morning and afternoon can be tough on the body. Mainly I have to focus.

How do the South African fans compare to those around the world?
They are crazy, loud and they love it. They don’t get to see much of this stuff so they really appreciate it when they get to see it.

Lastly, any words for your fans out here in South Africa?
Please come and watch, support and enjoy the show! We are so grateful for all of your support.

We interview Josh Sheehan about Red Bull X-Fighters South Africa
The fourth stop of the 2015 Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour takes place on 12 September at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa. Tickets are on sale here.

Can’t make it? We have you covered, as we’ll be broadcasting the event live right here on LW Mag!

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Photos by Flo Hagena, Joerg Mitter, Predrag Vuckovic and Armin Walcher / Red Bull Content Pool

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