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Thursday , 17 June 2021
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Interview with Riders Republic’s Creative Director

If LW Mag was a game, this would be it! The recent announcement of Riders Republic caught our attention – packed with cool elements that stem from the Action Sports world.
An open and social world where you have the choice of shredding/ riding/ flying Mountain BikesSkisSnowboardsWing Suits and/ or Rocket Wing Suits. The multiplayer experience offers up to 50 players at a time, where you can interact and play with friends and other players. Progress through the game earning yourself gear and equipment from official brands, and get invited to events such as X Games and Red Bull Rampage. To say we’re excited for this release is an understatement.

We sat down with the game’s creative director, Igor Manceau, to get some insight into the game, what it offers and more…

Give us some insight into the vision of Riders Republic, how it came about and now that it’s in a space to be releasing next year, what your thoughts are on the outcome?
[Laughs] Hopefully the vision is as close to the outcome. The idea of Riders Republic is really to offer a social, crazy playground, that celebrates Action Sports. To get that deep, social, living moment with up to 50 players on screen – living and riding around you, and get all the thrills and excitement of the sports while riding in the mountains with your friends.

What will the objectives for players be in each discipline of sport?
As a player your main objective is very straight forward, and it’s really to go for your own career and you can decide to specialise yourself in one sport. But, what we favour is to go multi-sport and to really go through various careers in all the sports. As you explore the world, not only will you discover exploration related elements but also gain access to new events, some of these events are very important. You will end up being invited to big events, which we actually recreated from events like X Games and Red Bull event, etc. In your progression you will also get access to gear. Lastly, while you progress you will get access to sponsors to give you even more access to content and more gear. All this is geared to getting you invited to a very specific event that is the ultimate goal for the player.

Exclusive interview with creative director, Igor ManceauInterview with Riders Republic creative director, Igor Manceau

What type of brands can we expect within the came?
We actually have two kinds of licenses. One being event related such as X Games, Red Bull Rampage and Red Bull Joyride, etc. There are may of them, over 20 of them. Then we have gear related brands – all the Snowboarding brands from Burton to Solomon and for bikes it’s pretty much the same such as Specialized, Commencal, etc, etc, etc.

In terms of the various sport disciplines in the game, which is your favourite and why?
That’s the first time I’ve been asked this and it’s a tough one. I’m not sure about one that I prefer. What I can tell you is why I love Snowboarding and Skiing, and why I love bike. I love Snowboarding because of the very fluid navigation experience I can get, riding powder for instance, this is truly crazy. I like being able to ride and get that powder feeling you get in real life. I think we have recreated that very well.
On the other end, I think this is the first time in a video-game we see tricks the way we have done them with bikes. The tricks are really crazy, it’s massive, it feel huge. The amplitudes of the move is really impressive. We worked with real life athletes and in terms of execution we have reached a level that we haven’t seen so far.

We talk to Riders Republic creative director, Igor ManceauFirst look at the Riders Republic Action Sports Game

Regarding the Mountain Biking in the game, is it more the Freeride and trick side of things or is there also the Downhill racing element side to it?
Within each sport you actually have specs, which are specialities in a way. We do have road bikes actually, which go a fast on very clean terrains. We have Enduro bikes, which are efficient for outdoor riding and you can start sending bigger things. We have Freeride, which brings you to Rampage and within our world we do have the Canyon jump and specific regions where Rampage actually takes place. Then we go up to Slopestyle and Freestyle elements – we have Joyride and events like Fest Series.

What can players expect from the first hour of gameplay?
We have what we call a kind of a prologue where we let the player experience all the sports so they can get a glance of what’s coming. Players will be able to navigate the world and learn skills within each discipline, all while seeing other players around them and being able to interact with them, that is a key element of the game – being able to play with friends or other players around.

First look at the Riders Republic Extreme Sports GameLW Mag interviews Riders Republic creative director

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