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Sunday , 20 September 2020
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Ian Rall Talks Racing, Lockdown and Mini-Flips

Having finished the 2019 season on a high by winning the Regional Championship and placing 5th in the National Championship, Ian Rall has been patiently waiting to get back to Off-Road racing.
We caught up with Ian to get some insight into his racing career, surviving lockdown, and his recent mini-flip attempt.

Interview with Ian Rall about dirt bike racing

Name: Ian Rall

Nickname: The Brawler

Age: 25

Hometown: Northam

Riding discipline: Off Road

Riding style: Aggressive

Machine of choice: KTM XCF 350

Sponsors: KTM South Africa, Fast KTM, Rall Racing, Dragon Energy Drink, Btt Media, Motul, F61 Performance Products, Base Fit North Riding, Henderson Racing Products , Just1, EKS Brand Goggles, USWE, EVS, Dunlop, Cycleworx Suspension and Ohlins.

Interview with Ian Rall about off-road dirt bike racingIan Rall racing his KTM off road bike

How old were you when you first started riding dirt bikes?
Four years old.

When did you realise that off-road racing was the best suited discipline for you?
I always loved going stupid fast and off-road is the only place I could do it.

What drives your continued passion for the sport?
The effects it has on people and the drive to be the best.

Ian Rall talks racing off road bikesA day in the life of off-road racer, Ian Rall

What other styles of riding do you enjoy?
Motocross and Freestyle Motocross. It teaches you bike control and the intensity of Motocross is addictive.

What have been some of the highlights of your career this far?
Definitely my 2019 season, winning the OR2 GXCC Championship, Regional Championship and finishing 5th overall in the National Championship.

Where would you like to see your racing career take you?
To race the WORCS series in America, and the Dakar.

Off road racing in style with Ian RallInterview with Ian Rall about motocross racing

How would you best explain the feeling of racing dirt bikes?
There is nothing like it in the world. Racing 6th gear wide open at 160Kmh, next to the best racers in South Africa, it’s on another level.

With the current postponement of racing, how have you been able to feed the addiction?
Racing myself, trying to out-do myself every time I train. When I get to the track I simulate racing against the other riders.

Give us some insight into your season training and how much time you put in?
Basically I do Base Fit every day and then at least three half an hour moto’s twice a week. Weekends, I just ride for fun.

Ian Rall showing his skill on the motocross trackInterview with Ian Rall about off-road dirt bike racing

What goes through your mind when you are out riding?
I forget about everything. It’s freedom, and I’m fully focused on what I am doing, and the Lord Jesus doing it with me.

What are some of your favourite races to compete in, and why?
The Botswana Desert Race, for the insane speed and longevity of it.
The Pigs Peak National in Swaziland, for the amazing views and atmosphere.
Khawa in Botswana, for the dune jumps you hit 4th gear wide.
Zimbabwe, as the outrides are insane, and going up rocks as big as mountains was an experience.

Lets talk about your nemesis, the mini-flip. How many times have you attempted this trick and why do you want to land it?
[Laughs] yeah… I’ve attempted it three times to date and the first one was in 2015. It’s a lifetime goal and a box I have to tick off.

Take us through the crash during your latest mini-flip attempt?
Everything felt good but I went in with too much speed and as I pulled back my right hand slipped off, then I knew it was going to hurt. I tried to throw the bike away but it just turned and landed on me. Shout-out to Ciska for taking my dizzy ass to the hospital.

Do you see yourself attempting at again? 
Yes, I have to land it.

Any shout-outs?
Huge shoutout to the Lord Jesus Christ for always keeping me safe in my racing and stunts.

Photos by Grant Lucas.

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